Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And the WINNER is.....

May we have a drumroll please..... And the winner is Emma Wilcox with her flourescent squared knee socks! Congratulations Emma! Your Memphisopoly (Monopoly with a Memphis theme) will be arriving soon.

Thank you everyone for playing our game. Everyone who participated will be receiving a gold children's cancer pin. You will be getting them soon. I have got to find something that will mail the pins well.

Devree woke up and was doing fine, but she tried to take her nausea pills and she threw them up. She is feeling a little better and we don't have to be at the hospital today until 10 am and PT is the first thing up. She will get that over with and be much happier. She also has Occupational Therapy because I asked them to do an assessment of Devree. I feel that her small motor skills have decreased and she should probably get some therapy there to help her with all of the important things like buttoning your own buttons etc.

Yesterday I talked to the nutritionist and she is going to subscribe the strongest appetite stimulant to Devree as soon as her counts are up. Right now they are plummeting, but they should go up next week. The appetite stimulant has to be approved by Dr. Gajjaar, (the head of medulloblastoma's protocol) because it causes side effects and can only be taken for 3 weeks. Devree also might take a mild anti-depressant because she feels so low and overwhelmed with the walking and eating. The eating thing is really a mental game with her because she has such bad associations with vomitting and nothing tastes right and her throat has trouble swallowing and half her tongue doesn't work. We will see.

Have a Beautiful Day!

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walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

That is a pile of cool socks. Emma's are very funky. We can't wait for our pin. When we were watching the video, Kylee was screaming, Devree, That's Devree! Kylee sure knows you and loves you. We all do, good luck with all of your appointments.
Congrats, Aunt Shana, for making a comment on my blog. That is Kylee's smile lately. She is a silly one.
Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee