Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday was better!

Dane is excited about his gifts from the Rice's.

He is really excited about silly string.

Breck and Dane celebrating their birthdays.

Devree did so much better yesterday. She read the blog and we had a talk and she ate a couple of Doritos and a couple of bites of watermelon and actually had a much better attitude. We have started her on her anti-depressants. They are at the minimum dose but it is still where you have to have serious talks by the medical staff about suicide. Then we started her on her highest appetite stimulant last night and that has some nasty side effects too. She will only be on that for 2 weeks because of it.

The boys stayed up on the second floor and played on computers all day at the hospital. We hurried home in time to fix a quick meal to celebrate Breck and Dane's birthday. Breck has been in Boston the last several days and Celest has been home with the kids and the contractors and having a very hectic first week of school. Breck and Celest get to go on a business trip to Kansas city for about 4 days. Breck's birthday is tomorrow and Dane's birthday is next week. Dane already got to celebrate his birthday by opening one present last week. Then he had another present last night with birthday cake and then he will get another present next week at Grandma and Grandpa Hamblin's on his actual birthday. He didn't like his present I gave him last night. I gave him a soccer goal so he could practice in the backyard. I want that boy to get some exercise. Shay was excited about it because he wants to start playing street hockey. We shall see.

Dane was listening and reading the blog and when Queen's "We are the Champions" music came up I asked "Dane do you know this song?" He told me "Of course." I said "Oh really? Where did you hear it?" He said "Mom you know where." I told him I didn't know. Then Dane said "From 'Chicken Little'". So my kids are hip because movies have taken the songs I have known and made them popular for the next generation. I did notice that they used the same song (Black Eyed Peas singing "Boom Boom Pow") in G.I. Joe and G-force.

Have a wonderful Thursday. The weekend is almost here.

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PaulaShawn said...

Good to hear Devree has a little food in her stomach! The end of this is sooo very close. Don't lose hope!

Happy Birthday, Dane. We're excited you are approaching your baptism. That is a great time!

Happy eating!