Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We got our GO HOME news!

Dr. Armstrong told us that if everything goes as planned and Devree doesn't have a set back we can go home in two weeks. I called and made our plane reservations through St. Jude. So Devree has to continue to eat and gain weight and they are cutting back her TPN today. Dr. Armstrong doesn't want her to take IV anti-nausea drugs and so we are going to cut them out. Devree did have her scans of her spine and brain and I have to wait till Thursday to find if they are clean or not. I am very confident that Devree will not have any more signs of cancer. Everyone is amazed that Devree is doing so well with the eating. She ate breakfast and then she wasn't supposed to eat anything until after her Lumbar puncture because she has to be anesthetized and they don't want her to get sick and vomit. She woke up and had a wonderful dinner last night and even later had some dessert.

We are making sure that Devree is having something to eat every little while because she only really eats a few bites each time. I just saw this cookies and cream shake that is supposed to have 1,200 calories. I teased Devree that she should be drinking 3 of those a day. She informed me that she wants a banana split blizzard at Dairy Queen when we get back. We don't have a car so I can't find one, but I think she could have a shake at the cafeteria or even maybe talk them into a banana split! We will try that today.

Treat yourself to a Wacky Wednesday lunch and have an ice cream shake for lunch! Thanks again for all of your prayers for Devree. I am witnessing the miracle of eating before my eyes.


lindsey gruwell said...

I am so excited for you guys! I just love hearing the news of going home. The only thing is, We'll miss you guys. Please let us know if their is anywhere you need to go, we can take you there! So I think we might have to go on a trip to dairy queen! So glad Devree's eating! Ohh and before you leave, lets try another date for playing cut throat uno!

angelicindy said...

tell devree that the blizzard of the month is girls scout thin mints :). Tricia and I split one the other day but we asked them not to put in any extra mint (it's what makes the icecream look green) and I thought it was PERFECT :). How about that for a Dairy Queen treat?!

Darcy said...

Yipee! So excited to see you guys in 2 weeks! Good thing, cuz choir is starting up again September 13!

Jeanette said...

Way to go on the eating! I am so proud of you, Devree. Shana keep up the cheering section, I think that helps a lot. We are glad that E clinic is getting you ready for the "home, sweet home" adventure. Love the blog!!
Aunt Jan