Monday, August 24, 2009

Wasting Time

We had an awesome weekend but we feel like we are wasting time here. We did not have to be at the hospital since Thursday and today we have one 1/2 hour appointment for Occupational Therapy or OT. Devree kept practicing her hand and finger exercises all last week and through the weekend. But we are kind of like "Why wouldn't Dr. Armstrong just let us go home this week?" I guess we still have to prove that Devree can gain weight and get off her Megase (the appetite stimulant) and still eat and not have a relapse.

This weekend Devree has still done awesome. On Saturday we went shopping for some jeans that fit Devree and we got some tennis balls to go on her walker because the legs that are not wheels, they are getting chewed up and get caught on carpets etc. Now Devree has 2 options for Halloween. She can be "Mr. Fredrickson" from "UP" or "Avitar". Devree said if she got a tweed jacket and she used her walker with her new tennis balls she will look like Mr. Fredrickson. but we will have to get a white wig and big black square glasses. But Mr. Fredrickson is very stocky and Devree is not. We (me and the boys) are trying to convince her to be Avitar, which is a a cartoon character of a small bald headed boy with an arrow painted on his head.

We went to a FANTASTIC movie. We laughed and cried and it was a totally great movie without any bad language, violence or sex. It is BAND SLAM. Lisa Kudrow from Friends is the Mom in it and she is looking very old. I had to look her up on the internet to see how old she is and I am only a little bit older than her. I guess we are starting to look old. But I don't feel old.

We were able to go to all of our church meetings yesterday and spent the afternoon with Breck and Celest. Devree had a pretty good lunch and even came home and wanted more food and she didn't even have her appetite stimulant yesterday. She didn't need a zantac either. She wanted to go to bed without even taking any of her nausea pills but I made sure she had them and woke right up this morning and had some cereal.

Well Dayton people enjoy the first day of school. I really wish I could be there for my boys and make sure that everything will go well today. I know you can do it without me because of good friends that have stepped in to make sure that happens. Thank you for good friends.

Thanks again for all of your faith and prayers. We are experiencing the miracles.


soggycheerios said...

Miracles, I feel a reverence and a feeling of awe to be a witness to them. Thank you for sharing them with us.


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

Wow, it sounds like Devree is doing great. I hope that the days go fast for you, so you can get home faster. We love to see that Devree is able to get out and about, and enjoy food.
Today, i am starting potty training. Wish me luck. Love you both, tons.

Love, Koe

Arianne said...

They gave out big square 3D glasses at the movie UP and Devree is welcome to borrow one of our pairs if she chooses to be Mr. Fredrickson.

So glad to hear things are getting better. Can't wait to see you at the baptism!

Cheryl said...

I am so excited and so happy about Devrees appetite. How wonderful it must finally feel to taste really delicious food and know you can just eat and eat and you are truly getting healthy now. We are all so happy you are all done and we welcome you back. You have been missed.