Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goodbye, but when do we leave?

This is the new acrylic tree in the new D & E clinics. Behind Todd and Devree is a little enclosed area with soft blocks for babies to crawl around in and play while waiting for the clinic visits
This is the crocodile on the floor in the new Rehab center. They have a jungle theme and it is about 10 times bigger than the old area. Rehab includes OT, PT, audiology and Speech. So we have to visit there everytime when we come for checkups.
These are some more tile work on the floor.

This is the Jaguar on the wall that reminded us of Kaylun and Kolten's room long ago. Even Teara and Liz thought the same thing.
They have a big snake painted on the wall too that reminded us of Kaylun and Kolten's room too. They have 2 orangutans and lots of parrots painted too. The artists are also painting one really long hall with the 4 seasons with little kids playing outside.
We had to say goodbye to Todd, Shay and Dane yesterday afternoon. It was an emotional time because we just want to be leaving with them. It has been a long time and we just want to be home with our little family, together. We know it will be soon, but the goodbyes are so hard. They are on their way to MO to visit the Hamblin side and Noble flies into St. Louis tonight to be with them and to help Todd drive back to Nevada.
Well Devree had her MRI of her spine, she had her speech and audiology checkups. Today she gets her MRI of her brain and her lumbar puncture. Everyone is saying, we will see you in 3 months so the time is getting close to going home.
Right now we are waiting for our E clinic visit. They will hopefully say when we get to leave. We were transferred to E clinic and we said goodbye to B clinic yesterday. That was really sad because we absolutely love Kim Woody. She was the most awesome nurse and I will miss her as a person. I know if she lived in Dayton we would be great friends. I got teary eyed just talking to her to say goodbye. We are leaving her our blog and my email address.
I had a dream that we actually got to fly on Saturday and beat the Boys home! Connie could you pick us up? We will tell the WORLD when we get to go home.

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soggycheerios said...

Shana! I'd leave right now to come and get you, just say the word! I'm sorry you had to part with your family again, this is the last time you have to be apart. You've done it home stretch straight ahead and we can't wait to meet you at the finish line!