Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just twiddling our fingers

Thanks Summer for making our blog look wonderful again!

Well we are having very boring days. Yesterday we did have 3 appointments and Dr. Armstrong (the frustrating doctor) actually told us, "Well if you weren't flying, you could go home today. But since you had to make plane reservations, you will have to wait till your flight." I can't believe he made such a big deal about 2 weeks and we could've been home TODAY! He did show us how awesome Devree's MRI's looked. He compared when we first got here to the ones done last week and there is such a remarkable difference. When they do the contrast and you can see the cancer spots vividly, now you can't see them at all or even know where they were in the brain and down the spine. There is not even a brightness at the initial tumor bed.
So just getting back to what Devree was before all of this, is of course the goal.

I did ask to see the eye doctor before we leave. Devree's right eye made tears while she was on chemo but now it is very dry again. Her eye shuts better at night but Dr. Armstrong said it might pop open during the night and cause extra dryness. So we are back to taping it shut. Poor Devree doesn't have any eyelashes. This will prevent any from growing there too!

Yesterday I asked the shuttle driver where was a good place to eat and he pointed out this little cafe I have been interested in. He said it was French food and so Devree and I thought of all of the French food we loved and decided to go there. We get there and it is a hodge podge of Italian and other food. Devree ordered a chicken picatta and I ordered a seafood bisque and their scallop special for that day. They brought out the tiniest cup of the bisque and the scallop was a scoop of some kind of thick creamed rice/pasta with 5 scallops. That was it. Devree's chicken was served on lots of vegetables, but not mine. Devree's had tons of capers and she didn't like that too much. Anyway very little food for $40! The bisque was $7 for a few bites!

We had fun playing with Lindsey, Susan and Lindsey's friend Chelsey last night. We played cut throat UNO and SkipBo.

Darcy Hughes made an awesome map of Lake Tahoe and I am inept at putting it on the blog. But I know how to forward her email to you. If you need better directions for exactly where we will be at Sand Harbor for the celebration, email me and I will forward the map. Thanks again Darcy.

What should we find fun to do today?


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

Well, you can come and help me potty train, Kylee. She is very stubborn, and will hold it, forever.
I wish that the DR. would have givin' you the okay, when Uncle Todd was there. Has Devree seen Elvis's place? So, do you have anymore appointments? Or, do you have to just sit around until Tuesday? We wish you luck in finding something fun to do.

Love, Craig,Koeand Kylee

Mark Katy said...

We can't wait for you to get home! ~ The Gardners

Ford Family said...

Sounds like French food to me. Very small amounts for lots of money.

PaulaShawn said...

You are in Memphis and asking Dayton what you should do for fun? That's a little backwards! Here's a link with some ideas for you.

I wish we had some options right here in Dayton. I saw one trolly tour that is free on Fridays to the historic art district of your city. I love a free ride!

Wahoo on the MRI! Miracles never cease to amaze me. What a time to be living!

Have fun in that musical and diverse city.

Val, Jed, Claire, and Annaliese said...

You could always crash our playgroup tomorrow at 10:00. We will be going swimming. Wish I know Devs can't do but it would involve being out of the house! U can text me if you are interested!