Monday, August 17, 2009

Dane's Birthday/Small Town Meets Big City

Dane with his birthday breakfast at the hospital, because we had to be here so early.
Devree is doing so good today!!! She is taking the smallest dose of anti-depressant possible, but it has made a huge difference. It has been the little nudge that she needed to get out of the difficult and negative rut she has been in. (Todd writing) Now me writing. Devree has done awesome with her appetitie stimulant and she actually has eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the weekend! Your prayers and our prayers are being answered! We feel it is a small miracle that Devree actually is eating! We have cut her anti-nausea drugs back to 2 drugs in the medicine room and then I mash up all of her medications and put them into 2 gel caps and she takes them at night and that is it!
Friday did turn out awesome. We went down to the" Target Back to School Backpack Give Away" We thought we would get some new backpacks and boy were we surprised! Shay and Dane went with me and I represented Devree. Once she gets home from a long day at the hospital she is ready for a nap. We picked out some awesome, high quality backpacks and then there was a whole list of rooms with a long list of supplies we put in the backpack. Shay and Dane were so impressed we had to take out everything to show Devree all of her cool stuff too. In fact Dane thinks it is so cool that he has been caring it everywhere and it is heavy and he accidentally left it at the hospital on Sunday when Devree got her TPN and medicines. He was so sad that Todd immediately turned around and went back to find the backpack.
Todd flew in on Saturday and we were finally together after being apart since the 4th of July. Then Target House kicked him out on Sunday night. He took the boys to a Motel 6 in downtown Memphis last night. There were 3 men checking them out as Shay loudly (is there any other way Shay talks?)asks Todd "Are you bringing in your laptop Dad? But the most scariest thing of all happened this morning. Todd was in the shower at 6am and there was a knock on the motel door. Shay (the whippersnapper) OPENED the door and there was a scary black lady that was checking out the whole motel room and speaking loud to someone around the corner. She said something about her shower didn't work and if it was flooding in there as she scopes the room out vividly. Todd comes out in a towel and she asks the boys if they needed a new step mommie. Then she asks if they are leaving for breakfast. Todd tells her that "We are going to visit my daughter at St. Jude's. She quickly left. Shay did not hear the end of it from Todd and I. Devree had to have her last spine MRI today at 7 am so that is why we had to leave so early and celebrate Dane's birthday here at the hospital. We usually serve breakfast in bed for the birthday person.


soggycheerios said...

OK the motel story is just scary, I'm picturing an episode of America's Most Wanted. So glad Devree is liking food again, can't wait for St. Judes to give you the green light to come home.
Oh and a big ole HAPPY EIGHTH BIRTHDAY Dane! Tanner will be so happy to see you at scouts!

PaulaShawn said...

I guess it's comforting to know that your kids will be taken care of if something ever happens to you (and your husband happily remarried).

Great news about Devree over the weekend! We love miracles!!!

We'll be off until the end of the week. Keep up the good times and the happiness (and the bolt through the hotel room door!).

angelicindy said...

ha ha ha! I bet that was a bit of a shock for Todd coming out of the shower :). I'm glad that they're safe and all because it is a scary story, but I can't help but chuckle at her checking out my cousin Todd!!!

Val, Jed, Claire, and Annaliese said...

Welcome or Goodbye to Memphis I guess.. so glad that Deveree is doing so great! Hope she gets outta here when she wants!! W

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Devree is doing much better! She looked so good on Sunday. I was making my way back there to say hi and got caught and then you were gone. I'll be speedier next time! Hope your days get better and better!