Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Terrific" Tuesday

Well yesterday was so crappy for Devree that Devree gave me the title for today because we know today will be better. She threw up 3 times yesterday but today will be better. We also found out it will be another week till we get to go to "E" clinic because Devree's ANC has to be over 2000 for 2 consecutive days. Dr. Armstrong only sees patients on Tuesdays. That delays us going home. Boo Hoo!

Shay and I went to G.I. Joe last night and we decided that the toy merchandising on this movie will be every little boys dream. Tonight Dane and I get our date and we will watch "G-force" much to my agony.

I have to tell you something funny that happened on Friday. The boy that wanted to see the cheerleaders is slightly mentally handicapped, but his hormones are in full force. He has a speech impediment and Devree, Teara and Liz were trying to politely talk with him. He was telling all of them that he soon would be 18. He gets up and goes around the corner out of site of his Dad and motions Liz to come over and he asked her out. Liz told him that she couldn't date until she was 16. The Dad gets up and yells at his son to sit back down. I think that the son has done things like this before. Anyway the boy has great taste asking Liz and we teased her the rest of the day when we saw him about "her new boyfriend".

Thanks Aunt Jan! You are the only person who played my "where is this scripture found" game. I hope you are planning to come to Dane's baptism.

Love, Shana, Devree, Shay and Dane


PaulaShawn said...

Oh, poor Debree. I'm going to eliminate all Vs from my bocabulary just to make a special effort for her so she won't hab to V anymore.

LDS girls hab gotta lub the can't date 'til 16 rule! Gets 'em out of many uncomfortable situations!

Wheneber it is that you finally get to return home, we will know that Debree is really ready and is as healthy as she needs to be, and we will take comfort in that last fact. Sorry there is a delay.

We are heading to family in Utah and eben though we won't be checking in as often, know that you are neber far from our thoughts and always in our prayers.

Good luck on a truly V-less day!

Jeanette said...

Yes, we are making plans for Dane's baptism. Hopefullyl, all will go well for September--October is a good month also. Devree, you have come this far. Keep you eye one the ball (the final goal) and you will make it! Love Aunt Jan