Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday a Surprise for Devree!

We had a very long Wednesday. Devree's counts were at 0 so that meant no pedicure and no going to the Young Women's activity. We were getting blood and staying in the medicine room until 6pm. It was nice to have B clinic just visit us in the medicine room instead of waiting forever for them to call us back.

Today we will have to probably get platelets. We have Elizabeth the psychologist first. I was having a hard time sleeping last night and this morning I got in the mood to pack a couple of boxes. So I didn't do the blog until I got to the hospital. I cannot believe how much stuff we have accumulated in a few months. Everyone is so kind and has given us so many wonderful things.

Last night I got a phone call about Devree's surprise today. I don't even want to tell her she is getting a surprise because she will figure it out. So she will be SURPRISED!

We watched the funniest movie the other night. Cody and Kalene said it was cute and I laughed so much because I could really relate to how cold it gets in some places. It is called "New in Town" with Renee Zelweger and Harry Connick Jr. It is about a little town in Minnesota but was actually filmed in Canada. I know about Canada and the cold. It really is a good "CLEAN" flick. It makes me want to make some tapioca.

I had some exciting news yesterday. I ran into Lindsey (Santa's Elf nurse) from "E" clinic and she said that we are on the schedule for next week! Do you realize that is putting us REALLY close to going HOME! We have our last MRI scheduled for 8/16 and if we see "E" clinic next week than they are the ones that say we can go home! YEA!

This last week I was talking to some people and their attitude reminds me of this quote I made up. "Never put off something today. . . when you can always put it off tomorrow!"


walkinourshoes said...

So, will we find out what the surprise is tomorrow? That is to bad about Devree's counts. Hopefully, today will be a better day. We love you, so much.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

lusum54 said...

So excited to see what Dev's surprise is. And so excited that you guys will get to go HOME HOME soon.
Love the Hatch's

angelicindy said...

Yes, New in Town was a fun movie. Did you watch the special features where it talks about how cold it was? Something like forty degrees below. That's crazy!

So, it's Thursday... what's the surprise?

PaulaShawn said...

I can't figure out what the surprise is, so hurry and tell us!

Your quote reminds me of myself. I also have no hesitation in bragging that I am really good at doing nothing.

We're doing the countdown for your return. Get those numbers up!