Friday, August 7, 2009

Thursdays Surprise

This is Devree very excited to see her cousins.

Well I was able to keep the secret from Devree. Her Aunt Paula brought Shay and Dane from MO. But the best part is she brought Liz and Teara her cousins that are 15 too! The nicest thing is that Devree didn't do the v word all day. They got here about 5pm and I had to get some groceries and shop for Dane's birthday presents. Shay decided to come with me. Shay and Dane seem so huge when I see them and they are hungry all of the time and can eat us out of house and home.
Paula had reserved a motel room and the boys went with her and the girls stayed here and laughed till 1:30 am! They are having a hard time about getting up. We have a 9am appointment at the hospital and Paula will meet us there with the boys and hopefully Celest and kids will come and meet us at the hospital before Paula takes the girls back to MO.
Devree was also asked to be in some photos for the Jonas Brothers Birthday card. They just changed the sign for each of the J bros. It is Joe's birthday in August and then Kevin and Nick's are later.
TTFN Ta ta for Now.

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walkinourshoes said...

What a fun surprise. Devree, you look so happy and excited. We love all the pictures that you put on the blog. I love the cute wig, Alice.
My parents will be staying, the night with uncle Todd and Noble, tonight. Then, they will go to Wells and there here, again.
We hope that today is so good, and no "V" word, will happen. Sure love you, and can't wait until this part of our journey is a blur.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee