Monday, August 3, 2009

Breck and Celest really do have the MUCK!

We finally put pictures on the Blog called "Flaming Socks and Maya the Monkey." So go back and look.

Welll Breck and Celest came home Friday night to a disaster. Their upstairs toilet broke in the master bath and leaked down while they were gone on vacation 3 weeks. It collapsed the family room ceiling and also there was some storm damage to Tayzia's bedroom and the downstairs dining room. There have been several tornados in the area in the last week. So the Rice's came home to standing water in the bottom of their house and it smells like sewage. We had everyone come to Target House for dinner last night. We can only have 4 people maximun stay at Target, so I am sad we can't let them stay here while insurance comes and fixes things. With all of the claims in the area, insurance is very busy.

Rice's also had an entry into the sock competition yesterday. They were all impressed with the variety of socks Devree got. We are still waiting for our other cousins socks so we will let you know who are the winners! We will take pictures of all of the socks we promise!!

Now the music was put on by wonderful Summer, because Devree and I feel like the "Champions of the world" for finishing chemo. Devree also requested "It's a beautiful day" because we feel like it is that. But it may not be so beautiful for the Breck Rice's!

Devree has had a moderate last couple of days. She still did the v word a couple of times on Saturday but yesterday she just did once but she never ate anything all weekend. Today we have started out better without doing the v word. She will get worked today with PT everyday this week. She has lots of appointments until the medicine room at 11:30. We have been here since 8:30. We ran into a teenage boy this morning that was mocking being sad. He said he had too many appointments so that he can't meet the Red Birds (Memphis Baseball team) this morning that are coming to St. Judes. I asked him which player he wanted to meet and he said "Oh I don't want to see the players. I want to see the cheerleaders!" We laughed at that one.

Thanks for fasting for us yesterday. I have already seen a difference in how Devree is feeling and acting since other rounds! We are counting the days to feeling better!

P.S. I just saw the Red Bird players and the "Red Hots" (cheerleaders) and I told them that there is a teenage patient that was so disappointed that he had appointments and couldn't see them. So the leader asked me where he was and I told them to go to Rehab and D and E clinics because that is where he is. They asked "Who should we look for?" I said a "A teenage boy!" They laughed and went to find him.


walkinourshoes said...

Sounds like you and Devree are in better spirits, all around. That is to bad about the Rice's house. At least, you could have them for dinner. That is funny about, the boy who wanted to see the cheerleaders. We sure hope that you have a good week. We hope that Devree can eat and feel good. We love you.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

PaulaShawn said...

Thanks for posting the pics. We love to see the girl we love!!

We can hear the motor warming up that will be bringing y'all home! It's coming!

What an honor it was to fast for you again, Devree. I'm learning so much because of you. You truly have been an instrument in God's hand in doing His work of bringing souls unto Him. Not many people get to have that kind of influence on so many different people over the course of their lifetime. And you, my great TEENAGED friend, have done more in the way of good over the last year (well, in all your 15 years) than most get to do in their enire life. Thank you for being such a hero!

3 Nephi 17 is about you! Have an upbeat-v-free day!