Friday, August 21, 2009

"We got no strings"

Well yesterday they took the TPN and said no more Medicine room with IV drugs. As we were in the medicine room yesterday...FOR THE LAST TIME I went and bought Devree some lunch. The cafeteria was having chuck roast and I figured that would be really good calories for Devree with some mashed potatos and gravy. She had to get some pantamotine which is a once a month drug that prevents Devree from getting a virus like flu or pneumonia. All of the nurses came by to talk to Devree. They all ooohed and aaahed and couldn't believe that Devree was just sitting there eating her food. She is happy and quick on the wit!

Brenda Griffin had a birthday today and we started celebrating last night. She and her Mom, Ethel came to the Target House and Chili's was serving up dinner so we had ribs and coleslaw and then we met Billy at the theater and watched "The Time Traveler's Wife." I cannot recommend it because it is a stupid story line. The idea is fascinating and very intriguing but they needed me to write a better story for them. What is it with Hollywood trying to throw nudity in every second and putting in bad language for nobody's sake? I was so disappointed in "Julie and Julia" when they threw in one "F" word. I do not think in the late 50's or early 60's that people even said that word!

Anyway this morning we were so busy getting ready for the birthday celebration. Brenda and Bill left us the "shark car" again at the movies last night. We really have no strings because we didn't have any appointments today and we have a CAR! We met Brenda at her house at 9:30 and went and saw their new house they are building. It will be an awesome house and very beautiful. I kept getting lost beause we were following the wrong black truck! Thank goodness for cell phones. Then we had wonderful mexican food for lunch. Devree had to have a zantac after that but her nausea is not there!

Have a great weekend!


lusum54 said...

So glad to hear about the MIRACLES happening for you guys.
Love the Hatch's

Darcy said...

Now you guys can get all WILD AND CRAZY!!! Also, just so you know the song "We are the Champions" on your blog is not sung by Queen, even though it says that. Unless, it was not Freddie Mercury. I don't know if they went on recording after he died.

PaulaShawn said...

We just got back online from Education Week at BYU and missed knowing this vital info each day. What a fun read when we checked in - so positive and full of happy news. What a relief!

We spent the week learning, opening our eyes, and seeing more clearly. I spent a lot of time pondering how grateful I am that I have learned better how to fast and understand more what it means to have a prayer in my heart continually. I wish more than anything that Devree could have been spared from this experience, but how thankful I am that so many people (me) have had such a wonderful girl to motivate them in our universal effort to increase our faith and come unto Christ. What miracles she has experienced, and what miracles we all have experienced as we've opened our broken hearts more fully to our Savior and trusted more intensely in our Heavenly Father's all-knowing wisdom. Thank you, Devree, for these eternal life-saving lessons.

We are so excited to see you! Keep up the good eating.

walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,
We are back online, again. So glad to hear that Devree is gaining weight. It is wonderful that she got her TPN, out, too.
Love, Koe

walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

Kylee would love some Barney, P.J.'s.
We don't have church today and it feels weird. Craig and I went to the dedication on Friday. We were in the baptistry and it was Pres. Monson's, 82nd Birthday. The talks were all about using our temple more. Craig and I go once a month, but maybe we need to go more, too.
It is just wonderful to have my computer back. We are so glad that things are improving for Devree. We love you.

Love, Koe