Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Fun!

Well Devree gained another 3 lbs from Tuesday to Thursday which is fantastic because she hasn't been doing her liquids as well as she should. Breck took us to lunch at the hospital cafeteria. We went to a Dominos pizza party at Target last night. That is about it for yesterday.

We did laundry this morning and I had to hurry so the blog is late. I was happy to hear about Dane's first cub scout meeting. They had a rain gutter regatta. Dane is excited to start in Cub Scouts and I am happy that Sister Johnson is his Wolf leader. Dane is already having problems at school. He said his teacher is introducing division and he had to stay in at recess because she said he was zoning out and not getting his work done. He is so worried about it that when he finally saw Tanner at lunch he told him he is worried he might get put back into 2nd grade! This surprises me because Dane is usually great in math and loves it. He does zone out though. He kept saying he needs me home and so I told him just hold out for 3 more school days and then I would be there. I told him he and I will work on Wolf stuff together.

We got our appointments for Monday and Devree gets her line pulled. She has all day appointments for Monday.

Today we just had OT and then we talked to Justin about school I need to talk to Dayton High School because I think we are just going to let Devree start with a 1/2 day. They have no more A @ B days so she will probably go to Monday, Wednesday, Friday in the mornings and Tuesday, Thursday in the afternoons. She will have to have a few concessions for going to school but this should all be just temporary.

We are planning a fun weekend and getting a pedicure with cousins. Today Devree doesn't feel like doing much. We might go to Ronald McDonald house tonight because they are serving dinner.

Only 3 more days till we leave.


Strollerblader said...

Shanna and Devree,

I've been following (though lurking) your blog for the last couple of months. I am so glad to hear all the great news and that you will soon be back home. How amazing! I was one of the assistant directors at Girls' Camp this year, and we have a surprise for you when you get home. Karen Johnston has it for you, actually. We can't wait for you to come back to Girls' Camp next year! Have a great school year!
Jen Cherpeski

Johnson Family said...

The waiting game...only 3 days, you are almost home! I am not actually Dane's wolf leader, that will still be Katy Gardner. I got to take Krista's place so I am the cubmaster now. So I don't have to work with just one group of boys, I get to know them all. :)

walkinourshoes said...

Dar Aunt Shana and Devree,

Hooray, for gaining 3 lbs, that is a miracle. We are so happy for you, and glad that food is tasting better. Now we need to work on the drinking. Kylee is struggling with the drinking, too. It makes it very hard for me to potty train her, if she doesn't drink. So, I give her pop, capri suns, apple juice, orange juice, water, milk, or whatever I can get her to swallow. Today, she did go #2, on the potty. Very exciting. Anyways, three more days and home sweet home. We are so happy for you both. We love you, tons.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

lindsey gruwell said...

yay for gaining weight! Keep it up. AND yay for being so close to going home. (ps-we need to get a picture together before you leave.) Their's nothing like having a momma around!