Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Occupational therapy starts

Well yesterday we had Devree tested and she needs OT really bad. She has had a foot drop and now she has had a wrist drop. What it means is she doesn't have small motor skills and not hardly any strength in her hands. She set some goals and is going to work hard at achieving those before she gets home. One of them is writing because her handwriting is so shaky. We cut all of her beautiful long nails so she can manipulate things better. I was hoping she would set some goals towards manipulating eating utensils, but alas that is not high on her priority list. But Devree is going to send out some of her own thank you notes. So be prepared for old lady writing. Devree did awesome this morning and put on her knee socks and braces and put on her difficult shoes over the braces and tied them. That will help her get strength where she needs it.

If you didn't look yesterday, the sock winner is Emma Wilcox. Look at our video and see all of our socks!

We are very proud of Noble. He did his Eagle board of review last night. He did awesome. He was pretty frightened because of Todd. Now on to the District and National. I told Todd to tell them to HURRY so we could have his court of honor on Labor Day Sunday. But Todd doesn't see how they could move that fast. I would love to have ideas about how to make Noble's Eagle special, so if you have ideas, send them my way.

Today we are going to get a pedicure and try to go to Young Womens tonight. Devree still does the v word every morning when she tries to take her anti-nausea. I think she is getting a little better and even had some chocolate ice cream last night. Devree said it was strange, because it was cold and weird for her to swallow. Yes ice cream is cold!

Have a Wonderful Wacky Wednesday because we know we are!


walkinourshoes said...

Therapy will be good and setting some goals, too. Maybe, this will help Devree, so she won't be so overwhelmed. We are sorry that she is still doing the "V" word. We are praying that she can eat and not feel sick. We love you. Hang in there, it's almost over.
Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

Lisa Wilcox said...

Hi guys!
I so hope you'll be at Young Women's tonight! We are going to have a blast. Celest is in charge, and her activities are always so much fun. Wear your pj's, and bring a blanket and pillow. The rest is a surprise...

PaulaShawn said...

I think Noble's eagle will be extraordinary just by having you there for him to "pin his mom." That seems like it could top all other things you could do for the ceremony. He's such a neat guy! Congrats to him.

Devree sounds set to get a lot of work done before she returns home. What a coach/cheerleader you are! Who does that for you? This is all new to you, too. You are doing an incredible job moving Devree through this turning point in life. Eld. Wirthlin said, "Those who endure, who persevere in spite of trials and burdens, often become our heroes. They are the ones who demonstrate the courage of the human heart and the nobility of the divine spirit." Devree has always been my hero - she has fought everyday to do the right thing and to do it cheerfully and to bring as many people along with her on her happy journey as would join her. But I can't tell you how much more emotion and feeling is in me for my hero as I have seen how much of a fighter she is (and you too!). We are all witnessing nobility in action. Thanks for your inspiriation, your courage, your fight, and your honesty as you've fought this battle.

Have fun at YWs tonight!

Lisa Wilcox said...

Hi Devree! I just wanted to tell you we missed you tonight. I hope we see you on Sunday:)
Sister Wilcox