Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday will be Wonderful!

This is Scott Dixon 2008 INDY 500 winner. He is from New Zealand.

This is Dario Franchitti married to Ashley Judd and the 2007 INDY 500 winner born in Scotland.

We especially liked Paula Huesser's comment on the blog about being "v" less. We had only 1 time yesterday when Devree choked on the ropey phlegm she gets. I will try to do as well as Paula today and not even have "v" in our writing.

I hab become bery frustrated with Debree because she is not being a good patient. She is not habing the fighting attitude! She will not eben try to eat anything! and she is not doing all in her power to do her OT and PT exercises. I ran into Dr. Armstrong, our E clinic doctor and he said he won't let us go h0me if she is not eating enough. My mom says maybe she is afraid to go home.

Meanwhile Shay and Dane hab started to get into the swing of things here at the hospital. Yesterday they did all sorts of things there. They had "Doggy Days" where they bring these dogs that let kids hug the dogs and comb their hair and that was therapeutic for Shay and Dane because they miss our dog. Then they went and did crafts, saw a puppet show, had free Dominoes pizza and to top it all off, they met 2 famous race car drivers. One driver is married to Ashley Judd and the other was from New Zealand. They got a hat and both drivers signed it and they got a picture with them and they got their autograph on a special card. Target House also had a special dinner and then Dane and I went to see "G-Force". It wasn't as bad as I was anticipating. I had to just groan at a few of the potty humor things. I was thinking of Tammie and the roach scenes and I wondered if she liked it.

Today we don't go in until Noon. Eberyone likes to sleep in at our house. I hope you make Eberyday a good one.

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