Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday was Awesome and Friday will be too!

Devree has made great improvement. Her attitude is much better and she has not vomitted in 2 days! Yesterday our friends the Gruwell's (Lindsey is her for her 3rd round of battling ALL) asked Devree if she would like a strawberry banana smoothie from Starbucks that is inside the hospital. Devree had maybe a tablespoon and said it didn't taste right. That is usually the case but Devree didn't like the soy they put in it. Then she asked for a mango strawberry Fruitista at Taco Bell and actually ate a few bites of nachos I made for her. I think the anti-depressant and the appetite stimulant are both working.

Devree had to be to the hospital at 8am for some lab work and when I got her settled waiting her long wait for the medicine room, I went back to pick up the boys. We drove out to some good shopping and the very first store had everything we needed for school. Thanks to Talon and all of his hand-me-downs, Shay and Dane are set for school clothes and even some clothes to grow into for Dane. That helps Todd and I out immensely because both of these boys can go through clothes and shoes. Dane even got a pair of slip on brown leather shoes that look like they haven't been worn from Talon. Dane told me they are "Sunday shoes". I said "Hey Tanner wears these type of shoes to school." So Tanner is one of Dane's good buddies at home so what is good for Tanner, Dane is okay with.

Shay and Dane are so funny. They already are little flirts! There is a church group that comes from South Carolina with their youth group every year to do 2 weeks of service for St. Jude and the Target House. They do crafts at the hospital and Target House and they serve us several dinners. Shay and Dane started talking to the teenager girls and invited them to play the Wii at the Target House after one of the dinners. So every night this week they have been trying to get together with the church group. But I took Shay to the movies, and Dane to the movies and then we celebrated the birthdays. So finally last night we had a party in the Amy Grant room and had the Wii going on the 80" screen. About 10 different girls and a couple of guys came. Dane reminded the girls during dinner to come and meet us there. Then as they came, he leans over to me and says "See I can get the girls to come." Shay also had reminded them and some of them even wanted hugs from the boys because last night was their last night.

We got some great news yesterday. I ran into Molly the protocol coordinator and she told me that Devree will only have to come back every 3 months for 18 months. She will also give us a schedule for way in advance so that we can plan around the trips to Memphis.

Have a fantastic Friday and a really great weekend.


soggycheerios said...

So happy you are having a good couple of days. Sending prayers your way for many more of these good days. Can't wait until your cleared to return home. Keep up the good work Devree.

Staci said...

Devree you are doing so great. No real surprise. You're an amazing young woman. We are so excited that you are doing so well. Heavenly Father answers prayers. We love you!

Barbie Matsko said...

If you don't look out I might have your mom drop you off at my house cause I think I have the eating thing down. My hips can attest to the fact that I know how to eat. LOL I am very happy that your doing so well. I think you need to be at home so you can slap some sence into your other brother Kyle. Kyle is in LOVE, and now he has no time for any of his family (Matsko, Hamblin, Boga.) I can't wait to see your smile at home, so be good and do what they want you to and you will be home in no time.
Love u