Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ready for a few more days of fun!

Devree modeling her new jeans when we came home last night. Notice no hiney!

We figured out what we could do for fun. We went to Huey's for their world famous burger and Devree actually ate one all by herself! I think that they figured out we were from St. Jude's because Devree was in her Barney PJ's and her hat she borrowed from Noble that is a black knit hat that says "Alcatraz swimming team Head Coach". Anyway they gave us a 50% discount. Wasn't that great?
Then we came home and made chocolate chip cookies and watched "Bride Wars" with Susan, Lindsey and Chelsey. Then we went down to dinner which was a potato bar. Devree got her new jeans on and we went to Young Women's in Germantown. There are 10 other Mia Maids so it is awfully fun for Devree. They played Scattegories and they were planning a fashion show. We were giving them a lot of ideas from the sensational fashion show that the YW had recently in Dayton/Comstock wards.
So we need ideas to pass on to Germantown ward because we will be gone by the time of the Fashion Show.
We are planning a few more fun activities before we leave. Today is important in Devree's weight gain. For all of those times we wish we would loose weight, we really need Devree to keep gaining weight!
FIVE more days till we are home.


walkinourshoes said...

Sounds like you have been keeping busy. Cute jeans! We pray all the time that you will gain weight, and feel good. We sure love both of you.
Love, Koe

Johnson Family said...

Hot jeans Devree! And if you gain as much weight as I do the moment I eat an entire hamburger, your cute bum will fill those jeans in no time. :) Good eatin' and I love seeing all these happy blog posts. Everyone is excited for your return!

Dane had his first cub scout pack meeting last night and raced a boat in our "Rain-gutter Regatta." It was a lot of fun.

angelicindy said...

hooray for 50% off! kind of makes up for the mark up at the bistro you ate at the other day :)

btw, CUTE jeans!

PaulaShawn said...

Another reason I love your blog is hearing of the kind acts of so many people. I love the goodness that people show to you and others who get to visit St. Jude's. What good people!

We did a Dayton thing today. We went to Tahoe after the older kids left for school. I don't think Sand Harbor is big enough to host the party that will happen there on the 5th. I found myself paddling faster and faster as I got excited by the thoughts of what lies ahead for your family (just ask the people in the 2nd kayak!).

Pile on some fun memories of Memphis!