Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back in the Summmer Saddle!

I had a great flight home. My plane was delayed for an hour in Denver so my plans of going straight to the movie with the boys. It was 2pm and they were starving for lunch. We drove straight to the movie in Carson and grabbed some Wendy's for the boys to eat in the movie. In my purse it went. I told Noble to dump out my purse and put everything in carefully. We get in and one of the drinks had popped open and there it was all over everything and still some items left in my purse. We went and saw "Imagine That" and it was funny to see my boys get embarrassed by the antics of Eddie Murphy. It was a clean movie and not violent but uncomfortable to watch. Thomas Hayden Church had an irrtating role that was too much.

So we get some groceries and finally get home I saw a few people at the grocery store and we finally get home to a beautiful clean house with flowers and a card on the table. Thank you Dayton Ward for cleaning the house TWICE in a few days. You are AWESOME!

Koe had helped Dane with his dirty moldy clothes from Camp Hobe but Shay had hidden his in the bottom of his sleeping bag. The aroma hit me immediately as I walked into the laundry room. Laundry was started and I was beat with the 2 hour time difference and not sleeping the night before. I go to sleep and Manny calls and the boys don't ever answer the phone. So I can't get back to sleep because my bedroom has the aroma of something like rotten meat hidden under my bed. I am going to have the boys get under my bed and see if the dog left a tidbit. It's always something exciting at our house!

Something funny about Devree. It was about 2 days after Keith Utban's visit. The nurse was going to change Devree's bedding and she said "Leave the top blanket on because it still smells like Keith Urban."

Love, Shana


walkinourshoes said...

Glad to hear that you are home safe. Sorry, I didn't look in the sleeping bags! Boys are so very different then, little girls. Kylee doesn't like to be dirty and "a mess", she says. Have fun playing with your boys. Sure love you, Koe

angelicindy said...

How nice to be home! And how nice to have a bed that smells like Keith Urban!