Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update on Devree's Hearing

Devree got a hearing test. It is a standard procedure before every round of chemo therapy. The report is that she has mild hearing loss. As parents Shana and I are concerned about Devree’s hearing. So we raised those concerns with Devree’s doctors. Her pediatric neurosurgeon/oncologist, Dr. Armstrong came by to visit with us in person. He told us that he didn’t know that Devree was in the hospital, and that we should let him know so that he can come by and visit in the future (He is very personable and caring.). His clinic has passed the baton to another clinic that specializes in chemo therapy and in the process of using stem cells to heal. Dr. Armstrong gets high level reports about treatment, but not about Devree’s day-to-day schedule.

He visited with us about our concerns. In a very considerate way he told us that he recommended that we not cut back on the cisplatin (The element of chemo that can cause hearing loss.). Our concern was brought up with the team of neurology/oncology doctors. They feel that if there was a relapse the options are limited, so they want to stick with the protocol (medical treatment plan). If there were a recurrence, Dr. Armstrong said that he didn’t want to have any regrets about the treatment plan.

You know… I really appreciate his kind way of being straight forward and frank with us, but it made my poor heart ache. We all know that a relapse is possible, but we try not to think about it for 3 reasons. 1) There is plenty of time to worry about that later, if it happens. 2) If we worry now it won’t change anything. 3) The thought of a reoccurrence is not positive.

Now that I’ve shared our concerns, I have to end on a happy note. We are not sad here, and we are planning to have a lot of fun when Shana gets here with the boys on the 25th. Shay’s birthday is on the 26th, and we want to have fun then. Devree has also been looking forward to doing things as a family. So we plan to go to a movie or see some of the wonderful things to see around Memphis.

Old Picture of Devree with Dr. Armstrong.

Devree showed me this picture that was on her Facebook. Dev’s thought that was cool of course. Can we get pictures of everyone in their Team Devree shirts? We decorate Devree’s hospital room with Jonas Brothers, Twilight, MormonAds (cute posters about Christian values), Window Painting, and cards from all of you (We have 2 more cards from Gerry Anderson. Thanks Gerry!!!). I was thinking that it would be great to print out Devree’s “Team Devree” pictures and add them to our walls. That will help Devree remember that she has a lot of friends and family that are cheering her on.

(Left to Right): Chris, Uncle Brownie, Aunt Jan, Trisha, and Cindy

This is a link to the pictures from the DHS Cancer Awareness Week. That is where the "Team Devree" T-shirts came from:

We love you all!


walkinourshoes said...

I will send a picture of Kylee and I in our Team Devree shirts. We pray all the time that Devree will get her hearing back. We know you all will have fun soon, too. Just being together as a family, will be fun. We love you, tons.
Love, Craig, Koe an Kylee

PaulaShawn said...

Very wise to fight the beast, holding nothing back. Devree will be able to hear everything that she needs to hear.

We can't wait for you all to be together there. There is nothing like family time.

We'll send you our pics. What a great idea!

Mark Katy said...

We are still thinking about you Dev! Kendra wishes you were here to go to the Rodeo with us tomorrow night. We will send you a picture to add to your wall. Sounds like you are feeling well (able to go to church) and would be able to come if you were here. We miss ya. The Gardners