Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Devree Is Feeling Good Enough To Be A Tease!!!

Today is a good day for Devree. Her Grandpa Hamblin and Aunt Paula drove from St. Louis, MO to Memphis, TN to visit her. Having visitors is always great, because it mixes things up for a change in Devree’s day. Memphis is experiencing a heat wave, and everyone tells us how hot it is outside. It is so nice to be in an air-conditioned room with a great view of the hospital grounds.

We went to a pulmonary guy to test Devree’s lungs. He is a smoker though so Devree had to give him a bad time about that. She had to ask him if he believed in lung cancer, he said that he was planning to stop. It will be his 60th birthday present to himself.

Devree has also been teasing her nurse. We told the nurse that she should watch this scary movie called Disturbia. With her wonderful Southern accent, she said, “Now Devree, I don’t watch scary movies.” Devree got a smirk on her face during the whole explanation of what a fraidy-cat her nurse was. So in classic teenager style, Devree says she is going to put on a scary movie today, so she can tease her nurse a little more about that. I love it!!! To me it means that Devree is feeling better, and having higher spirits.

Shana and the boys are safely making their way to us. Last night they stayed in Albuquerque, NM. Devree is excited to have us all together as a family, and so am I. Our little Hamblin family will have a joyous reunion on 6/25/2009, in the evening. We are sooo excited!!!

Love you all!!!


Leah said...

Way to go Devree! I like your sense of humor! It's good to hear of some teasing happening, good spirits!

Glad the whole family will be together soon!!

angelicindy said...

lol! good one Devree!

walkinourshoes said...

Dear Devree and Uncle Todd,

It is so wonderful to hear that Devree is feeling, well. We love Devree's sense of humor. Glad to see that family is visting. We hope that Devree continues to feel well, so she can party, when Aunt Shana and the boys arrive. Glad to hear that your spirits are up.

Love, The Jensen's