Monday, June 29, 2009

FAMILY -The Spoonful of Sugar to Help the Medicine Go Down.

I think that Devree’s first day of the third round of chemo went good and bad. The bad part is that Devree didn’t fall asleep right away, so the nausea got her. She is given a lot of fluid with the chemo drugs, so she would need to visit the bathroom every hour or so. The nausea bothered her during bathroom breaks too. The good part is that all of her nausea cocktail drugs worked and she was able to sleep most of the time (Like 90% of the time she slept.).

Devree has loved having the whole family here. We saw “Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian”. When you go to the movie with a mask on and no hair, everyone knows that you are one of the kids at St. Jude’s. Dev’s doesn’t usually like that kind of attention. However, she didn’t let it stop her. She has really been looking forward to having a family outing like that. She got some kind smiles as some people wished her luck.

We have been concerned about Devree because of atrophy. I didn’t realize that you could lose a significant amount of strength by just staying in bed without movement for a week. Devree exercises by walking around the nurse’s station, and by riding a stationary bike. This is really miserable for Dev’s when she isn’t feeling well, so she hates it. She says that there is a conspiracy against her, and even both of her parents are involved. 

Well, all of the boys and Dad went down to the Target House lobby to play foosball and video games. Devree couldn’t bear the thought of having everyone together, but then miss out on the fun. So she got Mom & Noble at each arm, and she walked all the way down to the lobby. Shana and I were amazed to see so much activity from Devree. Devree also discovered a way to get all around the apartment. She sits on the rolling desk chair and rolls herself everywhere.

It is exciting to be clearing the 75% point. We truly appreciate your comments and support.

All of the Hamblins!!!


angelicindy said...

Hooray! I love hearing about the things that you're doing ALL together :). I thought the movie was funny. Tricia almost fell off her chair at that part when Larry was talking to an Egyptian pharaoh and the pharaoh kept telling him that he wants the tablet now and do not touch me and do not do... something else. I can't remember. It was funny because Larry was being Larry and did all three and the Pharaoh’s head just about exploded he was so frustrated. I bet Devree LOVED the singing cherubs :)

walkinourshoes said...

The rolling chair sounds like fun. We are glad that the drugs are working and the sickness is better. We love you.
The Jensen's