Friday, June 26, 2009


Today is Shay's Birthday!!!

Well we made it through 4 long days of driving. The longest day was from Henderson to Albuquerque. We did enjoy our little stop at the Petrified Forest and the boys watched the movie and Dane even became a Junior Ranger. He was very proud of his little pin and patch and was serious when the guy made him take a very long oath. I loved that part of the oath included "I will hug and kiss my mom and dad everyday and always keep my room clean."

Dane doing a "Chip'N Dale's" stretch.

Last night we had the Target House monthly birthday dinner and Shay won a bingo prize and then there was a pinata with lots of candy. The Target House is a boys dream with all of the game systems everywhere and partying. There is another dinner on Saturday night.

We woke up Shay with breakfast in bed. Noble and Todd slept at the hospital and Shay and Dane loved sleeping at the Target House. It was good to get laundry done and grocery shopping done so I could slip into bed about 11:30. It is so great to all be here as a family.

Shay's Breakfast in Bed.

All Of The HAMBLINs!!!


walkinourshoes said...

So glad to hear that you all are together and having fun. Cute pictures of Kylee's boys.
Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

angelicindy said...

happy birthday shay! Glad to hear that you're finally all together!

lusum54 said...

How fun to be together. It should make this 3rd stretch of Chemo a bit quicker. make lots of good memories together. We got the boys T-shirts today. They are Soooooo excited to wear them.
Love the Hatch's

PaulaShawn said...

Hope everything goes well for everyone this third time through. You're getting so close to the end!

Darcy said...

HAHA... Chip n Dales stretch!! So funny!!! Happy Bday to Shay, now he gets to be in Trav's scout group.