Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Excitement in Memphis!!!

The Doctors are Scaring Devree.

Devree is doing great today.

Blood Stats:
ANC = 4000
Hemoglobin = 9.4
Platelet = 90

The doctors did give her a little scare. First Devree was told that she was doing so well that she could go home to the Target House. She took a nap and when she woke up, the doctors reported that they had a meeting (They all get together daily to decide the plan.) and changed their mind. “We want to remove your double-lumen line, and then put a new one in at the end of the week.”, they told Devree. That caused a few tears.

They want to do everything they can to make sure Devree doesn’t get a fever every time her ANC count gets to zero. Their idea is that the bug is hiding in Devree’s double-lumen line. Devree remembers how the nurse missed her vein when putting in the IV. (That hurts.) She also remembers how tender it was after the surgery to install the double-lumen line. The nurse practitioner had the doctor for infectious disease come up to talk to Devree about her concerns. He didn’t realize that changing the line out would bother Devree. This bug is very easy to treat, so he said that they could give her anti-biotics for longer to get rid of it.

Shana got home with the boys, and the fun has already started. Mom is too cool. She had Noble take the boys to High Ballocity to play before picking up at the airport. The flight was delayed, so Shana had the boys stay and play for an extra hour. Then after her long flight she went to a movie with the boys. My good wife is planning to pack a whole summer into one week. Shana absolutely loves summer with the kids!!! She also has fun plans for when we get the boys out here to Memphis.

Devree’s Aunt Celest is coming to visit with Brenda Griffith today. Both Celest and Sister Griffin went on the Trek with the LDS youth (about 200 kids). I believe they were at Jackson, Mississippi. I asked Celest if the tornado warnings and rain affected them. She said that the humidity was near 100% and the temperature was in the mid 90’s when the women reenacted history and pulled the handcarts by themselves. Then things got exciting and 3 tornados were cited in the Mississippi area. As Sister Griffin was transporting people to shelter, a tree fell on her car. Everyone was ok, but it was scary. The rain was coming down so hard that 19 of the kids went missing when they took a wrong fork in the road. They located the kids, and got them to shelter. Then a ranger came by an said that a tree had fallen on a silver vehicle in the parking lot. It turned out to be Breck and Celest’s car.

There were trees down and power out all over Memphis. Devree had sent Shana and I out on a date to the movies. The storm came up suddenly, so it was sunny and nice when we went in the theatre. An hour into our movie the lights flickered and the projector went off. Then a theatre employee asked us to move into the hallway so we would be safe during the tornado warning.

Love you all,

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walkinourshoes said...

Wow, it sounds very eventful there. I am so glad that Devree's levels are up and that she is doing so well. Tornado's would be very scary to me. Thanks, for posting all the new.

Love, Koe