Thursday, June 11, 2009

Parent/Nurse pop quiz

So this is Shana. I went back to the Target House to sleep. I tried to get back to the hospital before the nurse Kim came to see Devree, but I missed the shuttle. Todd has me on speaker phone and I didn't realize it because I said I wanted to be there before Kim and I could hear her laughing in the background. She told Todd lots of information and then asked Todd if he was going to remember everything to tell me when I got here. He called me and gave me the full report. I was very proud of Todd.

The report is much better this morning. Kim said that because we have the super nurse Beth she was able to get enough fluids pumped into Devree quickly, so Devree didn't have to go to ICU. Devree has not had anything by mouth and with the fever, she was extremely dehydrated. Devree is hovering around 99 now and they have limited down to a family of bacteria that they don't know where it is. The staff thinks it could have been by mouth or an infection in her lines that waits until her counts are 0 and pops out all of the time. We have talked to Lindsey Gruwell and she says it is possible to have 0 counts and not get an infection and have to go to the hospital. She has been able to do it twice. Lindsey is the 20 year-old girl that is back for the third time with leukemia. She has just had a bone marrow transplant from her oldest sister and she has to be here in the hospital for another month or so to see if the transplant will take. She is such a beautiful person and it has been fun to get to know her family. Her 2 older sisters are married and one lives in Bartlett and the other lives in Birmigham, which is a few hours drive away. Lindsey's Mom and Dad have been chatting with us quite often.

Well Todd is learning the ropes and I am happy that he is looking so forward to staying with Devree. Although he doesn't waken at 5:30 am when Devree is puking her guts up and he seems to get a good nights sleep in the hospital, I am glad he is a fresh person to take on this load. I cannot wait to go home and hug my boys and I am even looking forward to going home to my CLEAN house that wonderful Dayton ward has come and cleaned yesterday! Since Shay and Dane get home on Saturday, I think it will still be pretty clean when I fly in on Monday. I want to take the boys to Lake Tahoe, because that will be my only time to go for the summer. I look forward to taking them to movies and having lots of fun and then driving the whole way back out to Memphis. Does anybody have good books on tapes for the wide range of audience . . .you know a 7 year-old, 12, 17 year -old and a Mom?



soggycheerios said...

Shana, I have a lot of books on tape that I inherited from my great Aunt. Most are girlie but there might be something fun in there I'll go and look. I'm so happy you get to come and hug your boys!

walkinourshoes said...

I am glad that Uncle Todd is getting the hang of things. Your boys are going to be so excited to have you home, Aunt Shana. So, I guess that Noble will be picking the boys up from the airport. I will put that on the paper. Has Devree's fever gone down? We hope so. We love you.

Craig, Koe and Kylee

p.s. have you heard from Shay and Dane. I hope that they are having fun. It has rained all week and I hope that they arre staying dry.

Love, Koe

angelicindy said...

I listened to Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo last trip and really enjoyed it.

Jamie said...

My husband and I loved listening to Harry Potter on tape much more than we did reading them. Even if you know the story, the reader really makes it exciting. Another fun one is the Tennishoes Among the Nephites series by Chris Heimerdinger.

Darcy said...

Tennis shoes among the nephites.. Very good for everyone. I have the last 2 on CD if you'd like to borrow. Also, come to lake day on Wednesday. Can't wait to see ya!

lusum54 said...

Luke downloads MP3 books from our public library adn then "returns" them when he is done. I'll bet your public library has a simular system. Love ya, Summer