Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Celebrity Visits Devree "FIRST"

We had an exciting day yesterday. Devree was asked if she would like to meet a celebrity and they make us sign all of these forms because when a celebrity visits they take lots of pictures and so since Devree hasn’t had a fever since Friday morning at 4 am, we said yes. The celebrity was not coming to our room for a couple of hours so Devree had to get an x-ray to make sure her lines do not have an infection in them and then she had to have an echo as part of her protocol to get her ready for the next round of chemo. So we get back to the room and got her a bath and here comes KEITH URBAN into our room. We were the first room he came in and he started chatting with Devree and asked where she was from and the exact town and if any of her friends have come to visit her and she said that sometimes friends don’t understand about cancer and they can be dumb. He really laughed at that one and he chatted about his little daughter and his wife (Nicole Kidman) who is doing a 5 week shoot for her next movie in New York. He plans his concerts to do 3 days then he flies home for 4 days. His Australian accent came right out and we talked about how he is the only Australian, Country and Western singer. He was very personable and we could have talked to him for a lot longer but he had to be pushed out of the room and keep his schedule because he has a concert tonight here in Memphis. He gave Devree a 2 handed shake and I GOT A HUG! He also shook Todd’s hand. He is way short and very skinny. He was wearing a baseball cap so he wasn’t really recognizable. But you know what we forgot. . . ? An AUTOGRAPH!



Darcy said...

OH WOW! So exciting. He's one of the most musically talented guys! Have you seen him play the guitar and bajo? What an amazing opportunity

Arianne said...

I'm glad Devree's fever was gone so she could have such a fun visit.

PaulaShawn said...

Those pictures - wow you look good, Devree! He's lucky to have met with such a vibrant young woman. I'm sure you did more to lift his spirit than he could ever do for yours. That's very neat that he chose to visit you and cheer you. Wish I could do the same!

Cheryl said...

Shana, how cool is that? I am excited for you guys. That is a fun suprise. I like to hear about people 'giving back'.

It sounds like you had a great day and I am so glad you dont have fever, Devree. yah!

angelicindy said...

chris read this blog yesterday before I did and all she could say was "oh my gosh!" over and over again :). It was pretty cute and so exciting to hear about. It just seems surreal. Thanks for the post!