Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Second Sci Fi with pictures this time.

If you look closely you can see the fog coming off the metal envelope.

This is what it is like to get your stem cells back.

Lots of people ended coming in the room to watch. There is a Dr. from Las Vegas that is visiting and started saying that his children's hospital has the same methods as St. Jude's. But you know I just can't believe it is as good because it is a children's hospital that is not as specialized as here.

Why go anywhere else when you know that you have the best? Dr. Gajarr has spent his life's work on medulloblastoma. Where else can they say that?

Sorry I was late in posting today but as you can see, this is a unique process and one not to be missed. Getting your own stem cells back is quite the process. She only had one syringe this time instead of 2.

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walkinourshoes said...

What a tropper! Good luck! We love you and wish you the best. I love all the pictures. Your new camera is great.
love, Koe