Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mysterious Bump in Devree's Leg

Devree’s Blood Stats:
ANC = 9600
Hemoglobin = 9.1
Platelet = 111

You and I have an ANC that is between 1800 and 8000 to help us fight off everyday bugs that we come in contact with. Devree has to wear a mask if her ANC is below 1000. Right now Devree’s ANC is above normal because they have been giving her a drug to stimulate her bone marrow.

Today’s plan is to get a biopsy of a bump Devree discovered in her leg (hamstring muscle). She asked me if I could see a bruise because that is what it feels like. We mentioned it to our Nurse Practitioner 3 days ago and it became a curious thing that all of the doctors wanted to look at. They talked about it in their daily pow-wow, and have a theory about it. The bacteria that is causing her fevers when her ANC drops to zero, might be hiding out in that bump. So now they are pursuing that theory. They have done an Ultra-sound of the bump. Then they did a MRI of the bump. Today they will be doing a biopsy of the bump. We will let you know what we find out about the mysterious bump as soon as we get the news.

Devree is also turned around on her nights and days. If she has a problem with nausea, she gets anti-nausea drugs that fix the problem (Yeah, they still work!!!). The downside is that they make her sleepy. So slept 6 hours through the day, and couldn’t sleep so well at night. Do any of you have some ideas about how we can get back on a good schedule?

Love you all!!!


PaulaShawn said...

Staying up all night and sleeping all day - Devree's just a normal teenager! My only suggestion is that you get yourself on that same schedule and enjoy playing together in the middle of the night. :)~

We're off to trek tomorrow. Hope our weather does better things for us than the time your relatives had on theirs! Tornadoes! We're hoping for some "authentic" experiences, but I think theirs was even more authentic than the original LDS pioneers experienced.

Give Devree loves from us. We miss her and think of her always.

Hamblin Family said...

Hi, this is Devree. Devree likes that you thinkof her always. That sounds very selfish but I'm not taking it back cuz I mean it.
Yeah their Trek sounded miserable! But they learned lots of life lessons like what WOULD you do in a panic situation?