Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Brush With The Blues

I guess we won’t find out about Devree’s mysterious bump. The anti-biotics are working and the bump is almost gone. So there isn’t really anything to get a biopsy from.

Devree told me she was feeling a little sad today, but she didn’t know why. So we decided to look at the clues and figure it out. I asked her what she was thinking about before she got sad. She said thinking about the doctors pulling her line was sad and confusing. She didn’t fully understand all of their reasoning for pulling her line, but she knew that they would do whatever they wanted to.

Going on walks around the nurse’s station made her sad too. There is a condition with her toes that is making them hurt, she is taking medicine for it. So her feet hurt when she walks, and she has sore shoulder and ribs. On top of that, the anti-nausea drugs make her sleepy and a little unstable when she walks. However, her parents, doctors, nurses, and physical therapist all want her to walk anyway. They tell us it helps her lymph system, muscle tone, and respiratory system.

The bottom line is… poor Devree doesn’t have very many choices. She has to do things that are not pleasant, and she doesn’t have a choice about it. Her whole life has been St. Jude’s since February 2009, and it just seems soooo long to her. She just wants to have her life back so she can be at home with her family and friends. I pointed out that Shana and the boys would be here in Memphis with her a week from today.

We also talked about how she did have some control. She told her Nurse Practitioner how she felt about her line being pulled. The nurse practitioner presented Devree’s case to the doctor, and the double-lumen line will not be pulled. The staff infection is very treatable with anti-biotics. Policy also says that Devree can’t do her tube feeding through and IV. The Nurse Practitioner pointed out that Devree has not been eating food or water, and that it was possible that she could go 3 to 4 days without eating before they got the line back in. The doctor said it was best practice to replace the line, but in this case they would just treat with antibiotics. (Thank heavens!!!)

The thought of our Hamblin family being all together at St. Judes was enough to blow away the clouds of sadness. Well, that is our report for today.

Love you all!!!


walkinourshoes said...

We are very happy to hear that the bump is going away. I am glad that they listened to Devree and are leaving the line, alone. It is going to be wonderful for your whole family to be together in a week. Thanks, for updating each day. We love you.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

Hamblin Family said...

Devree, We are almost there. Just a few more days. I have a really interesting magazine article by the Jonas' Mom. You are going to love it. There isn't a day go by that we don't say severeal times about what we are going to tell you or show you when we get there. OK? We love you and miss you.
Love, MOM

Lisa Wilcox said...

I hope this is all over soon for you and you can return back to your normal life and enjoy being a teenager. I think of you so often and pray for you several times a day. You must be an amazing spirit for Heavenly Father to intrust such a difficult trial with you.
Love Sister Wilcox

schumannfamilyadventures said...

Hi Devree!
We have all been thinking of you lots lately and when I checked your blog today I can see why! First we saw the New Moon Trailer and thought of you how cool is the effects when jacob turns into a wolf! Second I am a huge Keith Urban fan and I have been trying to get your cousin Ballard to drive me to Edmonton to see him and Lady Antebellum I mean what is an eight hour drive anyway! Anyway I CAN'T believe he sat on your bed and you talked to him can you hear my girlie screams all the way to St Jude's!!!! We hope this trial will be over for you soon you have already gone the distance and we are so proud of you for being so strong and fighting so hard... when you get the blues and start feeling sad I want you to close your eyes and picture all of us there with you in an enormous group hug.... now throw in the Jonas brothers! We love and miss you! Ballard Laurie Bailey and Brody!