Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Feel Like Devr's!!!

Devree’s doctor decided to have her switch the appetite stimulant back to Marinol (The derivative of Marijuana.). It worked!!!

Devree said that she thought of something that she was in the mood for. I asked her what it was and she couldn’t remember. So I handed Devree a menu of all the things she could order from room service. I told her to take a look and see if it would help her remember. I went to the bathroom and when I came back Devree had ordered, mashed potatoes and gravy, tater tots, and fresh strawberries.

Much to my astonishment, Devree ate 3 tater tots and a spoonful of mashed potatoes. She wasn’t too interested in the strawberries, because they weren’t very ripe. “I was hoping for fresh pineapple”, she said. So we ordered fresh pineapple (She ate 1 ½ pieces when it came.). While we were waiting for the pineapple, Devree ate 4 more tater tots and 2 more spoonfuls of mashed potatoes. I was so excited; I called Shana up to share the news (She was entertaining the boys.). Shana started crying tears of joy. That is more than Devree has eaten in 2 months. I have been here since June 6th, and I have only seen Devree eat a corner of a saltine cracker and 3 bites of a corndog. It was wonderful to see her eat a Thanksgiving Day feast.

We took the boys to Uncle Breck’s and Aunt Celest’s yesterday for a Family Home Evening. Dinner was scrumptious, and the kids loved swimming in the pool and roasting marshmallows for S’mores. I’m not sure how Dane managed it but he fell from the diving board onto the deck and got scraped up on both knees, both hands, an elbow, and one spot on his chin. He went to Shana and Celest to get help with all his battle scars. In a groan, he told Shana, “I feel like Devr’s!” Poor Daney Boy!

I think Dane just coined a new hamblin saying. Instead of saying, "I feel like I just got run over by a truck", we will now say, "I feel like Devree!"

All of the Hamblins!!!


Darcy said...

I never thought I'd say this: YAY for Marajuana!!! I sure hope her appetite keeps up this way

angelicindy said...

Hooray for Marajuana!

Here's something amusing: Mashed potatoes and gravy are a comfort food for Chris so we eat them at our house at least once a month. With her new job promotion, we eat them a little more often now :)

walkinourshoes said...

We are so happy that Devree is eating. What a smart doctor! We hope that she will keep this pattern up. We sure love you.