Thursday, June 25, 2009

Devree Doesn't Like Her Choices Sometimes

Yesterday was a wonderful day for Devree. Grandpa Hamblin and Aunt Paula came to visit. Uncle Break came by to visit us. Brittany Giddon and her mother gave Devree a cool book about Twilight, and visited. Devree loved her new book called, Twilight –The Directors Notebook. She devoured that book from cover to cover. It told how all of the special effects were done.

Today it is hard to be in the hospital. If you are in the hospital they can give you your drugs through your IV. Devree really likes that, because when she is at the Target House she has to take them in pill form. Most of the pills she is taking are for nausea. The process of swallowing pills makes Devree throw up half the time. So Devree prefers being in the hospital because she hardly throws up at all here. There is one problem though.

When Devree is in the hospital, she has less freedom. Today she was faced with two choices and she didn’t like either one. So she had a good cry because she didn’t like any of her choices. She wished her brother Noble was here, because he can always help her find a smile. I held her and let her have a good cry. Sometimes you just have to let all of those feelings out. She got it all out and now we are focusing on happy things.

Tonight Shana will get here with the boys, and we are ready to be together as a family. Devree is really looking forward to having them here. I know Dev’s loves being around family. During her break when she was able to go home, Devree would sit on the couch just listening to the sounds of her family. She liked sound of Shay & Dane playing, and conversations between Noble, Shana, and I.

Sunday the 29th Devree gets her 3rd round of chemo. That means we are 75% of the way through!!!

Love you all!!!


Johnson Family said...

Every girl needs a good cry now and then - nothing can stop it. It must be done. Devree is fortunate to have a good dad that can just sit and hold her through it. That's exactly what she needs.

75% of the way through - WAHOO! You guys have got this thing down pat - you're almost there! Family time will make the rest fly by.

Loving and praying for you all,
The Johnsons

Val, Jed, Claire, and Annaliese said...

Tell Dev she can count on a visit from me when the 3rd round starts! Love that girl!

PaulaShawn said...

I can only imagine that in this crisis all feelings are multiplied with great intensity; sadness is really sad, etc. So that means that happiness and joy are more poignantly felt as well? Your family is coming! Soak it all in and feel the peace, joy and love of having everyone near. The pure joy of this time together may be some of the most touching moments of family time ever - each one thoroughly enjoying the other. I'm envious of the sincere emotion and feeling that you will all share together. What a great family you are!

walkinourshoes said...

Dear Devree,

I am so glad that you could have a good cry. It is very therapeutical.
Last night, Kylee had a crying moment and sat on Daddy's lap, and cried. When she was done she had left tears and other fun things on Daddy's shoulder. She was very worried. We told her it was okay and to go play. Both of you girls have wonderful Daddy's, to cry on. Gotta love Daddy. We sure love you and hope you have fun with your family.

Love, Koe

Paula said...

Congrats...almost 75% done! I think of you all often. I haven't gotten to check the blog in 5 weeks. Glad to hear that this are clipping along for Devree and her recovery process.

Crying is all I do anymore ~ so I understand completely. I have been in OK for 5 weeks now caring for my mom who is terminal. I miss my family horribly ~ I know how you both feel! I am so blessed to get this chance to serve my mom in her last days.

Shana, I would love to visit w/ you when you are up to it. My email is:

Lots of love & thinking of you guys!