Thursday, June 4, 2009

Misty Memphis

Today is a misty morning in Memphis. I think that kind of reflects what Devree and I feel today. We are a little misty eyed and trying to cope with Devree just feeling like crap. She asked me yesterday if I would truly take her place, because I have told her that I would if I could and she said "Well maybe for an hour." I told her that I would take her place for as long as she needed me too, so her body could have a break and some rest. I guess we should not complain. I found out one little 7 year old from Puerto Rico with medulloblastoma was on his second round of chemo and he had a violent reaction and he passed away, a couple of days ago.

After 24 hours of not having a network for my cell phone, I was suddenly inspired to turn it off and leave it off for a few minutes. When I turned it back on, it worked perfectly.

I was trying to keep a surprise, but as I read a letter that I had written to my nephew Chase, that is in the army, I accidentally spilled the beans. We found a last minute flight on United - Reno to Memphis for $238. Todd will be flying in for a few days on Saturday. Then some very kind people wanted to pay for Shay and Dane to fly to their cancer sibling camp so as Shay and Dane fly out for 1 week, Todd will be flying here. People are so kind and generous. Our neighbor across the street saw that our front yard needed to be mowed, and he just came over and did it. Thanks Eric. Thanks Carrie for all of the rides you helped with the boys getting to school too. Robbie has been a good playmate to Dane too. We will miss you guys when you move.

Well Shay and Dane are out of school today at half day. They are very excited to be out too. This year has been a hard year to have them go into Carson Montessori with me being in Memphis and not being able to help with rides etc. Thanks so much to the Voigtleanders for all of their help with everything. Since next year Shay will be in 7th grade, he will have to go to the dreaded middle school. He has improved immensely in all of his subjects and tested way up so maybe he will be in gifted and talented. I have been bribing him to work harder, because I knew he was smart. I guess my bribe worked! Dane excelled at math, but is still a non-focuser. Miss Crow in first grade kept talking to him about focusing and one day as she caught him staring out to space she asked "Dane what are you doing?" Dane replied "I am focusing.... on focusing." Dane excells at math and is getting along in reading and spelling. His writing is atrocious and we will be working on all subjects when he is here with me this summer because next year in 3rd grade is a big jump from second to 3rd. I am looking forward to Dane going to Riverview next year. All of the 3rd grade teachers are wonderful and there are so many teachers at Riverview that are awesome. People ask me why I pulled the boys out of Dayton last year and I have told everyone that it was the dreaded middle school. If Shay was going to Motessori than I might as well have Dane go too. But next year, it will be back to Dayton. I think that the Montessori school was great for both of the boys. They did quite well considering their Mom and sister were not around since January.

We love all of your prayers. Please don't stop praying for us now. We still have some hard hurdles. Here is my quote for the day. Elder Richard G. Scott told in General Conference of losing his wife over 14 years ago. Then he said "I have never asked why but rather what is it that He wants me to learn from this experience. I believe that is a good way to face the unpleasant things in our lives, not complaining but thanking the Lord for the trust He places in us when He gives us the opportunity to overcome difficulties."


walkinourshoes said...

That is a wonderful quote. We all have our difficulties. They all come at different times in our lives and different circumstances. Thanks, for always sharing a thought.
We hope that Devree will feel better soon. It's so sad to hear that she is under the weather. She is so strong and putting up a great fight. We love you.

Craig, Koe and Kylee

Lisa Wilcox said...

Hey Devree and Shana:) Just wanted to say Hi on this Misty Memphis day. It's a good day to stay inside, read a good book and take a nap. I hope this nausea passes quickly and you can enjoy this time out of the hospital...

Are you up to visitors?

Love Ya