Monday, June 22, 2009

No Signs of Cancer Still

Last week Devree was a busy patient. She had a bump on her leg. The bump was poked at by lots of doctors and nurses. Then there was an ultrasound and an MRI of the bump. A biopsy was scheduled for the bump, but the bump healed and went away so there was no need for a biopsy. Then a MRI was done of Devree’s head, and then of her spine the following day. A lumbar puncture was done to test her spinal fluid for traces of cancer. The results were that there appears to be no signs of cancer activity.

Devree wanted to go to church on Sunday, and she was given a 4 hour pass. The Germantown Ward is wonderful to us, and Devree enjoyed seeing everyone.

Aunt Celest, Uncle Breck and cousin Tayzia came to visit Devree in the evening. They brought me a lovely Father’s Day dinner. While I enjoyed shrimp cocktail and chicken cordon bleu, Devree visited. It is wonderful to have the Rice’s here.

I talked with Shana for a little bit this morning before she started on her road trip with the boys. They will spend the night in Las Vegas with Aunt Kaleen and Uncle Cody, and then continue on to Memphis taking the lower route. Our boys absolutely love road trips. They like to stop at McDonald’s for the playland, and they love swimming at the motel pool. We look forward to seeing them on the night of Thursday the 25th. Shay’s birthday is on Friday the 26th.



walkinourshoes said...

What wonderful news to know that there is no cancer. And, how exciting that the whole family will be together very soon. We sure love all of you.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

PaulaShawn said...

Well, I think I finally have more clean spots than dirty. Trek was an amazing experience! Noble and Manny were in my company and they were the life of our party. What fun boys! What good boys! I'll email donkeygirl some pictures. Noble was unbeatable on the stick pull.

Devree - great news! No more bump, no more blues, and no more cancer! You're rounding the corner and nearing the final stretch. You can do this!!!

You were in many conversations I had and heard at trek. Of course you are entitled to be in all of our thoughts - WE LOVE YOU!!!

Happy Monday!

soggycheerios said...

Shana, I didn't get to say goodbye. Thanks for the fun this week. Have a safe trip back, we'll miss you and your family.
Devree way to keep the cancer away. That is the kind of news everyone wants to hear. You're almost done, we miss you so much.

Lisa Wilcox said...

Devree! What awesome news!! I'm so happy for you. I was so glad to see you at church yesterday. I bet you are so excited for your whole family to get here. I hope to meet all of them. I havn't even met your dad yet. We were thinking of maybe coming to visit this coming Sunday. The Sister Missionaries want to come and get to know you. We'll check in before then just to make sure it is okay.
Love Ya
Sister Wilcox