Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday not Sunday = Day of Rest

Devree has had a lot of nausea yesterday and today. She says she feels like she has acid reflux clear up her throat and then she asked the nurse for some maalox and then we have to okay it with the doctor etc. Devree had a fall this morning and they check everything when that happens. She fell on her bum and back and she just doesn't have much meat on her bum. Therefore she will have a big bruise but no open skin thank goodness. We worry about any open wound, no matter how small because she doesn't have the right blood to fix it during and after chemo.

Saturday I noticed that she was retaining fluid. I told the nurse and at about midnight they gave her a diaretic. She was up urinating all night. Yesterday she looked puffy again. But she hadn't made the scales think she was retaining, so no diaretic at midnight- thank goodness. She has lost some more weight this time in spite of not doing the "v" word, but the other end has been making up for the weight loss.

Back to something more upbeat, Thank You Koe for the wonderful package. We put up the Mormon Ads right away. Thank you Debbie for the great movie and the books. Thanks Gerry for the great idea about eyebrows. I have shared it with many others that needed it. Some girl patients miss their eyebrows so much and work to make them look okay and still the eyebrows might turn out to look like "Spock". Devree's look natural and they don't rub off either. Gerry told us that she went to a "Look Good" makeup class for cancer patients and they told her to draw on your eyebrow with the flat part of the eyebrow pencil and then take a tissue and rub up gently. It looks like hairs growing and blots off the pencil so that it doesn't smear and they stay on quite well.

We had wonderful visitors yesterday even though Devree was highly anti-nausea drugged up. The drugs make her very sleepy, but at least she isn't loosing her cookies. Thanks Val and Kat for the lovely slippers, poster, magazine and quote. I loved having both of you to talk to even though you came to see Devree. I should have taken your picture! I forgot. Then Breck, Celest, Talon, Kallie and Jackson came and gave me a strawberry shortcake. So delicious! Jackson thought it was so neat to make Devree's bed go way up in the air. We missed Tayzia. Tayzia comes home today from Cheer camp.

Here is my quote for today. This is by Elder Kevin W. Pearson. "In a household of faith, there is no need to fear or doubt. Choose to live by faith and not fear."


walkinourshoes said...

I am sad to hear that Devree fell. I hope that her bruise heals quickly. Your are so very welcomed, we loved getting together a fun package, to send. We wish you the best and love you so much.

Craig, Koe and Kylee

PaulaShawn said...

These ouie days will soon be over. Thanks for setting your sights further down the road than to just the scenery you are seeing today. I love your daily quotes. Not only are they inspiring, they are also showing us how to confront our own trials and to live life proactively, even when it seems that all we can to is react. You show us that we are free to choose and create no matter the circumstances. Thanks.

Give a big, soft and warm hug to Devree from us (and to yourself!).