Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prayers were answered!

Purple is my favorite. On the door to the parent room. Do you like how Devree is doing "the Vanna"?

Here we have to show people how to say Nevada.

I could not believe how wonderful yesterday went. Devree did not do the "v" word, not once! This chemo causes lots of phlegm and she usually coughs, then vomits. But she didn't vomit. She was able to sleep through most of the day and last night we tried to watch "Gidget" an old TV series with Sally Field playing this 15 year-old girl. Devree said, "Mom this is so ridiculous about a girl that just goes from one guy to the next and cries when she thinks her Dad reads her diary." It was so petty to Devree with the problems Gidget faced.
Alice is my favorite Vampire!
We did watch "Finding Neverland" and we loved that one. But it is a sad movie too. Anyway Devree stayed up a bit last night and then was able to sleep pretty well through the night. Today and tomorrow are the days that Devree will have to urinate every 2 hours for the next 48 hours. We have been having awesome nurses that are on the top of their game and they say that they fight over who gets to serve Devree. They say because she talks to them and jokes with them.

I window painted Devree's room and I put "Devree's Domain" on her door and I put "Alice is my favorite Vampire" on her front window and "Purple is my favorite" and on the last window I put "Home means Nevada like apple" with the accent marks over the 'a''s so that people will say Nevaaaaaada right here. They want to say Nevada like when you open your mouth and say "ah". We have to train people to say it the right way.

Thank You , Thank You for all of your prayers for us. We can feel those prayers and saw them in action yesterday.

Here is your quote for today. Elder Quentin L. Cook said "Even though our journey may be fraught with tribulation, the destination is truly glorious."


walkinourshoes said...

that is so wonderful that she is feeling better.

PaulaShawn said...

What a happy relief to hear this news from you guys. Thanks for letting us in on your ups and downs and giving us information about your days. It really helps to know these details and provides us with evidence of the fruits of our faith. Thank you.

We got to attend the packed temple last night. I can just say that while I was thinking of and feeling for you guys I was blessed with comfort and peace. I hope that is always your gift as well.

Good luck keeping it all down again today!

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

I'm glad you are back in the purple room! I absolutely love the cheerful writing on the windows. . . .good-job Shana. I love the blog updates....cute, cute, cute! I am so grateful that Devree was finally feeling well enough to come over and celebrate with us last weekend! That was our best Memorial Day EVER! Thanks so much for making it special for us. We are so glad that Devree's chemo is going well. I am always amazed at the way the two of you have handled this tough time with such optimism and grace. Hurry over, we have new "Net-Flix" and we need you to come give us an excuse to PARTY again! We love you like crazy! XOXOXOXOXOXO Aunt Celest & Family

lusum54 said...

YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How Awsome. Love the Hatch's

Lisa Wilcox said...

I am so excited to hear that things are going so much better right now. You two deserve it!

It drives me so crazy when they say Nevada wrong, and then try to correct you on it... That would be like us trying to correct them when they say y'all!