Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today just might be the Day!

Yesterday Devree and I had a pretty good day. She got apheresed in about 6 hours and we need to ask if they got enough for the rest of the rounds. We watched "Australia" and "Legally Blonde" and Devree took a nap and I went grocery shopping. After eating in the cafeteria about 2 weeks straight, I was really tired of the food.

So what have we been doing for fun? Well I have always wondered what Magnolia blossoms smelled like. For those of you who don't know what a magnolia tree is, it can grow to several feet tall and its leaves are huge and shiny and they are not deciduous. The blossoms are huge flowers bigger than a dinner plate. Most of the trees are trimmed up so you can't reach the branches but there is one small tree growing at Target House. I took one petal, about the size of my palm and it smelled so lovely. Just a delicate sweet. Noble and I snuck it into the hospital so Devree could smell it. We didn't let her touch it but we let her smell it. We then threw it away and washed our hands really good. Right now we are afraid of fresh fruits and vegetables. When you have to worry about every little germ, you have to really watch everything. The Hospital sent us food safety papers and that is why they told us to not be around food that could be germy. That includes eating out. Well Devree doesn't eat anyway. But you know when I went grocery shopping yesterday and all of the stuff was out for Memorial Day, I couldn't resist buying 4 ears of corn for a dollar. I didn't buy watermelon because I knew I couldn't eat a watermelon all by myself. But I am going to tempt Devree with eating the corn after I cook it.

I am finding more peace reading the scriptures. I guess I didn't feel like confronting the doctors about not letting Devree out. But I am thinking up a new game plan so that we can kill them with kindness, good attitude and try to get Devree to have more energy. That way the doctors will KNOW that they have to let Devree out of here. We know that crying doesn't work.

May you find peace in your daily journey.


walkinourshoes said...

Good Morning,

I hope that they let you out of the hospital, too. Hospital food is not the greatest. I hope that the doctors will be more truthful, also. We love you and pray that you will have a better day.

Love, Koe

soggycheerios said...

Thanks for the update today, especially the message of peace you get from your scripture reading, I need that reminder once in a while. Killing them with kindness almost sounds like fun. Still thinking and praying for you, we love you.