Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mothers out there and that includes you future mothers too!

I forgot to tell you how wonderful it was to have Celest and Lisa come have lunch with me and visit Devree on Wednesday. That really broke up the monotomy of the hospital.

Yesterday was pretty full getting out of the hospital, going home, unpacking, yes my laundry was still there on the folding table and I had to move around furniture because of the new built-in that Target House put in while we were inpatient. Target House is doing a lot of renovations which included a flat screen TV. Around the TV they made like a little coat/broom closet and shelves and cupboards and on the other end is a desk. Perfect for doing my scrapbooking. So the small entertainment center I moved into my bedroom and hooked up the TV and moved my scrabooking stuff into the desk and other stuff around. Now Devree can watch her Nick and Disney and I can watch, Bones, Burn Notice etc. We really don't watch that much TV but it will be nice when the boys come to visit because we can hook up a game system in my room to help them be entertained.

Todd and the boys sent lovely Mother's Day cards and some letters they are writing on Sundays. I loved my handmade pictures and loved the self portrait of Dane where he added all of his freckles all over his face. The boys had gone to the Cancer support activity and had an artist there that showed them how to draw. Both Shay and Dane did a very good representation and Shay had even colored his in and we have their pictures on our fridge. I loved their Mother's Day card that had all of them speak in the card so I had all of their voices. Devree and I listened to it over and over. Todd forwarded some mail and I absolutely loved the graduation announcement of Kamon and Emily (Kamily) as Devree calls them. Bos is so darn cute! We put his picture on our fridge too. We can't wait to meet that cute baby in person. Kacey and Kamon made awfully cute babies. Of course their eternal companions had some help with that too. Beautiful people all of them.

Well after being referred and referred and referred to at least 6 dentists, one of them will see me today. The terrible thing is, last night my front tooth chipped too!!!! It had chipped way back last fall and I just didn't have the funds to fix it. Now it is very bad and jagged! Holy smokes! I have enough to do without all of these teeth problems!

Only 4 more days till the surprise. This surprise is really for both Devree and I and I am so excited!!!!!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to tell your Mother to have a great day!


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

Happy Mother's Day, to you, too! Sorry to hear that your darn teeth are giving you problem's. We are wondering, What is the Surprise, too. We hope Dev's is feeling better. We love you.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

Lisa Wilcox said...

Hi Shana and Devree:)
I was wondering how Devree is feeling now that she is out of the hospital. Any better? Is she eating now? Is she able to or have the desire to get out and about? I hope so!! The young women keep asking if she'll be coming to church or mutual, they sure miss her.

PaulaShawn said...

The wind FINALLY stopped blowing here. It's been awful! I saw your boys playing outside at the Watts house when I picked up Elena to babysit. They looked like they were having fun.

Our countdown is at 9 days -- we can't wait for our special stake conference with Eld. Bednar. That's 5 whole days longer than your surprise. Must be a good one! Have a peaceful weekend.

Cheryl said...

I cant help by reading your posts how much you are learning through this process. You are getting quite the medical education. Everyone says how expensive education is adn this experience certainly is. I think about your family often. I havent commented in a while but I am still checking in every now and then to see how all is fairing. I am happy to see you are back to the Target house. A little normalcy (?) goes a long way. And that is great that you will get to do some scrapbooking. We miss you.
Keep your chins up! :)