Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It was SCI-FI

So it was just like out of a sci-fi movie. The attendant comes in white throw-away clothes over her regular clothes and is pushing an odd machine. She starts to sanitize all of the parts inside and out. Two other nurses come in and prep Devree to receive her stem cells. The attendant opens the machine and dry ice smoke comes billowing out. She takes out these metal file folders it looks like and reads the name and number off to one of the nurses. He marks it down. Then the other nurse comes over and is read the name and number off and she marks it down. The magenta thick liquid is sucked up into a large shot and then as the nurses proceed to inject the thick liquid into Devree's line, the nurses and the attendant say it is 11;04 they all murmer 11:04 and it is written down by two of the people. The cold liquid makes Devree freezing and nauceous. After this shot the whole process is repeated and they tell us she only got enough stem cells from her 9 hour apheresis that she only got enough for 1 1/2 times and therefore will have to be apheresed at least 2 more times.

Yesterday was called 0 day and our nurse Gay made it into a smiley face and told Devree that is was her guardian angel. We learned about hooking up the TPN which took about an hour and half learning and then at almost 11pm I actually showed the nurses that I coudl do it with the real stuff with Devree. I was so happy because Devree actually asked for some apple juice and kept it down. That is the first thing she has had by mouth for about 5 days.

From the kindness of a family we know, they thought up a big surprise for Devree. I told her "Devree, in one more week you are going to get a big surprise!" She asked if I would give her any hints and I told her no because she is too smart and would figure it out. I haven't even told Breck and Celest, for fear I would say something at the wrong time. So what is this big surprise? Stay tuned and you will find out next Wednesday.

Boy I know it is by faith and prayers from all of you that I have been able to get through this first round of chemo. This is not a fun thing and Devree has actually done fairly well. I would like to say that we are a quarter way through but we don't know the time when we get the next round. It all depends if Devree can stay healthy enough. When we start the next round that won't even be 1/2 through because of not knowing the time left before getting to go home. But she does only have to go through this 3 more times, so a cause for celebrating in my book.

Celebrate 1/2 way to the weekend!


sloner said...

hey, its 7am and i haven't gone to bed yet, so i thought id say hey. sup?

walkinourshoes said...

I am glad that Devree could keep down apple juice. Only three more times, of this chemo. If you like at it that way, it doesn't seem so long. Good luck! We love you, tons.

Love, Koe

lusum54 said...

So , peaked my curiocity and I can't wait to find out what the BIG SURPRISE is! Yay for being 1/4 of the way done.
Love Summer and the Boys

Mark Katy said...

Hang in there Dev. We are thinKing about you.
Earlier today I was talking to Kendra about going to Rodeo this summer and she said "Hey! Can we invite Devree?"
So I don't really know your time line but if you are around here the end of June we will have a Rodeo ticket for you! If not we'll take pics and be thinkin' about ya.
XXX~Kendra and Katy

Lyniee said...

Glad to hear things are getting better with Devree. I have been following your blog since my kids came home from school telling me about Devree. We went to the spaghetti dinner at the school. I was glad to see so many people there. Hope things continue to get better for Devree.