Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday and no signs of leaving

This is Noble (of course) and our friends Evie and her Mom Judy. They are from Seattle area and Evie is 13 with medulloblastoma. She just finished her last round of Chemo! Yea!
Noble helping Devree put on her non-slip socks so we can take a walk in the hall. Devree is wearing a new hat.

See my picture with my new camera and it focuses and is so awesome!! THANK YOU HUN BUN!

Well after a serious chat with the nurse yesterday, it looks like Devree will be in here through the weekend. That is so sad for Noble and I because we wanted to take her to go do a few things and to see a few things. Noble was even excited to go to Graceland and he has been waiting to see the new Wolverine movie with Devree and I. There is a big BBQ cook off downtown Memphis this weekend and I found out some other neat places that I wanted to take Noble. Noble said we will get a wheelchair and go see stuff. But alas that is not going to be possible because Devrees ANC counts are still at 0 and they have to be up to 300 and climbing to even let us out. She doesn't have any fever now but she still has a really sore throat and her right ear has been really hurting. This morning she said her left ear hurts her too. They found out she has a staph infection that is not a hard one to get rid of but still it is keeping her down because she doesn't have anything to fight it with. They keep giving her platelets, blood and of course several antibiotics. We just keep praying and I know all of you are too.

As for me, even though Noble thinks this is like a fancy hotel, I am going to have to take a chill pill. I cannot stand the noise at night, or the beds here. I have got to find me a blow up mattress or something. I did buy some ear plugs and they help a little. But I don't think I could ever survive in a prison because I get too claustrophobic. I will survive this stay and then turn around and we will be back in here for the next round of chemo in a few more days! It is already scheduled for May 28th. That makes me happy because that is 2 days earlier than last time and that means the 3rd round will probably be scheduled for June 26th and the last round of chemo about July 24th! Do you know what that means? That means definitely we should be home for Labor Day weekend and be able to have our big celebration for Dane's baptism and celebrating life with Devree being home from her treatment. So all of you that can come, put it on your calendars to come to Dayton for Dane's baptism.

Todd got me a new camara for my Mothers Day and sent it with Noble. Here are some pictures I took and I am learning how to use it more and more.


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana, Noble, and Devree,

I am sad that Devree has to stay in the hospital. Graceland is a fun place. We went and saw the Wolverine movie and it was great. Hopefully, you can still have fun. We hope for the best, always.

Love, Koe

PaulaShawn said...

Bummer about your failed plans! If anyone can make the best of something, I know it's you guys. But that's a disappointment! Maybe it's better to have Devree there in that clean place instead of out there in the mix of everything that's going around. This setback might be a blessing afterall. Have a good time despite the sterile location of your reunion. You're guaranteed to have some good, clean fun there!