Tuesday, May 12, 2009

God works miracles

Just like Sister Heusser said as she posted after reading in 2Nephi, God is a God of miracles. Yesterday I saw it. Devree was turning her head to listen to me and she was using her RIGHT ear to hear me better. I was so excited I said "Devree can you hear out of your right ear?" Devree said "Yes it keeps going in and out like a radio station." This is what happened last fall, way before she had her surgery to remove her tumor. This is so exciting I almost burst out into tears. I called Todd right away.

Devree still needs your prayers because she is still running around 104 temperature today. They give her Tylenol and it goes down a degree or 2 and then it goes right back up. I think that there is blood in her urine too. She has vomitted quite a bit since we have been inpatient too. It has been sudden and violent where we have had to change clothes and bedding. She is one sick little girl. She will have more labs run today, while they are trying to IV the antibiotics into her. They took a chest x-ray yesterday but I haven't heard the results. She says her throat does feel a little better today. Her throat has been hurting her for about 4 days.

We have a male nurse on the BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) floor of the hospital. He reminds us of Kyle so much it makes us homesick. His hairline is like Kyle's and it is brown. He has a short beard, like Kyle can grow. The nurse's name is Troy and his mannerisms and the way he speaks is like Kyle. When we see him again I will take a picture of him but Troy has brown eyes and Kyle has nice blue eyes.

So the surprise is coming today!! I am going to take pictures so stay tuned for tomorrows blog.

Remember miracles are happening for Devree through everyone's faith and prayers.


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

Aunt Shana, Aunt Tammie sent me the CD. Craig and I will listen to it and then, let me know where you want me to send it.
It is so exciting that Devree's hearing is coming back. We are anxious to see what the surprise is. We love you, tons.

Love, Koe

PaulaShawn said...

My insides swirled when I read about Devree's hearing! What a miracle!!! I'm sorry that it comes with such a bad report on how she is feeling though. How I wish I could take away her suffering (and your's too, Shana). How we wish we could do so much more for you. It's a matter of time. You've made it through 4 months in the past, you can make it through these 4 months just the same, only you'll come out of these ones with a badge of honor, courage, and growth that few people get to experience in such a condensed time period. Hey, you've always been on the fast track in your education - this isn't new to you, you accelerated learner! You guys are up to this! You can do it!!!

schumannfamilyadventures said...

We are excited to see what the surprise is the suspense and waiting is torture can't we have a little itty bitty clue! We are so happy to hear about Devree's hearing it must feel strange to have it come and go like that! We are praying hard this week for her fever to break and her nausea to settle the kettle as Grandma Schumann aka aunt Danawn would say, Hopefully she is feeling better so she can enjoy her SURPRISE! We love you Devree and think you are the bravest strongest girl ever!! Hugs and Kisses from Ballard Laurie Bailey and Brody!!!!

Ford Family said...

Said a prayer right away, Shana. We are going to the Temple Friday night for Stake conference, so I will add her name to the prayer roll here in St. George. That's so awesome about her hearing. Hang in there! Love, Sophia

Darcy said...

I'm happy to hear that Devree's hearing is coming back. Wonderful news. I cannot believe she got sick. You've taken every precaution! I hope she feels better in time for her surprise. I'm also excited to hear/see what it is! Thank you for keeping us all updated daily! You are so dilligent and will be grateful you wrote down all your experiences.

Krista said...

That's great that Devree's hearing is returning! She continues to be in our prayers. We miss you both. I can't believe that we're going to leave for Mexico before you guys get back. You'll have to come down and visit us.

Cheryl said...

That is awesome news Shana. I think we have all been waiting for this wonderful news! Heavenly Father makes good on his promises. I really liked the quote from our RS lesson on Sunday by S. Vance, "Your future is as bright as your faith".

Im staying tuned to find out about the surprise. Have a great day tomorrow.

Get better Devree.