Monday, May 25, 2009

Vampires versus VanHelsing

Shana here are the pictures that go along with the game Shay thought up.

Noble and Manny as Van Helsings being gotten by the Shay and Dane vampires:

Noble and Manny as Van Helsings getting the cute Dane vampire:

Dane the Van Helsing, being gotten by Manny the vampire:

Shay as the Van Helsing, getting Noble the vampire:

Shay has thought up a new game called Human's versus Vampires. He got a vampire cape and two hats down from our Halloween costumes.These hats are hillarious. Noble, Manny, and Kyle are always patient with the younger boys. It made me smile to watch Shay and Dane hunt Noble & Manny while wearing the ridiculous VanHelsing hats.They would both close in on the older vampire boys, then they lost there nerve and ran screaming. All they had to do was touch the vampires on the chest with their capped markers. But for some reason they would turn and run like crazy.Noble says, it is because they would hide in a dark place and sneak up and scare them when they got close.I keep getting smiles as I think of Shay and Dane laughing and squeeling with delight.

Random Pictures with Devree: Dane decided to try out Devree's wig.

Shay put Devree's wig on backwards: So Devree is giving him the look. :-)



walkinourshoes said...

Wow, what a fun game, Shay. It looks like you all had tons of fun. I love the wig pics.

Love, Koe

PaulaShawn said...

You guys are fun! I'm sorry that I never before noticed how beautiful Dane is. What a pretty boy!

I loved to see and hear how you all enjoyed your weekend that kicks off summer. Way to "enjoy the journey, now!"

Enjoy the day!

Arianne said...

Dane & Shay, you look great as blonds!

I'm always impressed by how well your family gets along.