Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do we finally get to get out of this hospital room?

I hear them talking about it. They have trained me 2 nights on hooking up the TPN. I really am even looking forward to going to sleep in the Target House bed and not being interrupted by the nurses all night long. I am looking forward to no beeping from the IV's. Devree has been sleeping a lot and yesterday they put a patch behind her left ear to help stop nausea. It has been working but she still likes her Ativan for pain. We learned how to give her drugs in the IV through a little ball so she won't have to swallow so many pills. The once a month IV for helping her not get pneumonia went like a breeze. We don't have to fight taking the Septra twice a day 3 days a week. Devree will get some Vincristine in the medicine room next week and that will probably make her sick. She is still having shots to boost her stem cells (GCSP) so she will have another apheresis soon.

Yesterday I left the hospital for a bit because I was going crazy. I went and opened an account because everytime I try to use my ATM the fees are like $5. each time. Also Devree gets a small check every month from a cancer group here in TN. I wanted to be able to cash those so when Devree is up to it, she can go shopping. I went over to the grocery store and got some things that we needed and I noticed some slight damage to the car I am driving. Then at lunch, one of my crowns on my teeth fell off. So I called Brenda and Todd about the damage and then I texted Celest about how to find a dentist to glue my crown on. Today I am seeing if I can get into the dentist and try to get Devree back to the Target House. I also tried to get all of my laundry done yesterday, and I had to leave the clothes in the dryer. Hopefully no one will take them.

Friday is going to be so great because hopefully we will be back at the Target House. The "B" clinic will still want to see Devree and she will have to get her GCSF shot, but I am going to ask to do that at home, so we aren't running down here at noon everyday through the weekend.

Nursing and Mothering that's what I do.


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana,

Wow, life is very eventful right now, for you. Hopefully, really soon life can get back to normal. We love you and love the updates on the blog.

Love, Koe

Hamblin Family said...

I agree with Koe. Shana, life has been eventful for you. There was a blog where you said, “I feel like Miss Piggy on "Muppets in Space". Miss Piggy is trying to do her famous Karate chop and this other guy is beating her up. She first starts out confidently saying "Is that all you got?" Then she gets beat up some more. And she less confidently says "Is that all you got?" Then she gets beat up some more and slurringly asks "Iiiisssss thaaaaaa allll yoouuu gooooooooot?"” I think you and Devree have been going through another, “Is that all yoouu goooooooot” stretch. I’m sure it will be a relief when you are safely out of the hospital, and back in your safe haven at the Target House.

I have to say I’m impressed with how talented you are becoming with your nursing skills. You help out with all the things in the hospital room, and now you have been trained to do more. Now while at your home in the Target House, you can hook-up an IV, as well as give shots and medication through the lines. It makes me wonder if there is anything you can’t do.

I love you girls tons!!!

PaulaShawn said...

It's a Hard Knock Life! Why does that song keep going through my head as I'm reading this? I'm in awe of your strength and at how resilient you are. How have you cultivated these traits? Aren't you glad you did? I love to look back on life and see how our Heavenly Father has prepared us for things we'll encounter in life, even though it's little by little. You two are truly remarkable. So many people know your story and feel your pain, but I wish that even more could know of you. You are one of those inspiring and true stories that encourage and motivate people in the midst of difficult times generally. Like Snowball the horse from a Wirthlin talk, or Iron Will. Your influence is profound. I'm just sorry that it has taken such a painful situation for you to see your value and to see how far reaching is your sphere of influence. You can do it! You are doing it. You've been doing it. And like you said, only 3 more rounds and you and Devree will be free!!! We love you and pray intensely for you individually and as a family.