Monday, May 4, 2009

Wet Weekend

As I look out at the pouring rain from the second story window, the rain seems to be the appropriate timing of what is going on inside our hospital room. The violent vomitting is like lightning in its frequency of hours upon hours. Some nurses thunder in at 2 am where some nurses pitter patter around the room at all hours of the night.

On the first day of chemo there was a lot of vomitting and it was black, brown all kinds of interesting colors. The following days have not been bad at all. We have had rain all weekend and Devree only vomitted once on the second day because they wanted her to swallow a big nausea pill. She has thrown it up 2 days in a row and so on the third day, she refused. Yesterday we tried to keep the Sabbath holy and I read her from "Our Heritage" and read the chapter "Faith in every Footstep". This chapter was all about the pioneers coming across the plains and all of their harships and it was a tear jerker. Then I read Chapter 31 of "Teachings of Presidents of the Church". It is about the prophet in Liberty Jail. The Germantown ward is on that this next week. Even though I had just had this lesson in Dayton, I wanted to read it to Devree so she could think about why we have trials. After Devree had vomitted about 3 times on Friday she looked up at me and said "This isn't fair." I said "I know it isn't fair". Several times Devree has discussed with me that she would not want anyone else to go through this for her because it is so terrible. She knows it is her trial, and not someone elses.

So I didn't pack enough clothes for myself and I went back to the Target House. The employees at Gould's (several hair salons and day spas in the Memphis area) came and gave all of the mothers at Target House and Ronald McDonald house a SPA day. I was feeling like I needed to get back to Devree and I tried to start the car. This fancy car I get to drive is a "keyless" car and sometimes if I don't do things right, for example open the back door before the drivers door, it won't let me start the engine. It is a burglar device. So I struggled with starting it and then I thought. It is Sunday and all of these employees are trying to serve today. Would I be willing to receive? So I went in and they gave me the best massage I have ever had and my very first wonderful facial. I asked the kind worker "Did you rub all of my wrinkles away?" Then I went out and was able to start the car and get back to Devree. Gould's also did makeup, hair and manicures for all of the moms. It was so wonderful. I told them all thank you and I asked "How about a massage every week?"

Celest, Breck, Tayzia and Talon all came to the hospital to visit Devree. Celest and Tayzia had gone shopping for Devree and we have yet to try on all of the goodies. Thank you also to Kendra for your package. Devree liked them very much. All of you are so kind and thoughtful. When I got the mail at Target House, we had 3 cards waiting. It is so nice to get mail. Breck, Celest, Tayzia and Talon stayed with Devree for a bit while I went back to Target House and had a scrumptious meal and chatted with Lindsey and Susan, (members from Knoxville) and the other moms I know who have daughters with medulloblastoma.

Devree did get urinating every 2 hours down. She will be done today at 11am with that process. She asked me "Mom how would you like it if you had to go every 2 hours?" I told her "Hey I've had 4 babies and I know how to do that!" It was funny because as I woke up every 2 hours and then I would wake up Devree, I would say "Devree it is time to go." In her groggy state she would ask "Where?" I would almost giggle and say "Right here on this comode next to your bed." She would groan and get up.

Today is a day of rest. Then tomorrow she will get her stem cells put back into her. The process is alot like a blood transfusion.

Here's hoping we have a terrific Tuesday.


Lisa Wilcox said...

Hi guys! It sure has been a wet and gloomy weekend. The girls in YW yesterday were reminding me that April Showers bring May flowers, and I have to admit it has made it pretty and green. It is suppose to be sunny and nice tomorrow... Speaking of tomorrow, hopefully I will be coming with Celest to visit you. I hope you feel a little better everyday. Think of you all the time.

walkinourshoes said...

I am sad that poor Devree has been so sick. That is the pits. We hope that you will have a better day tomorrow. We love you.
Love, Koe

Val, Jed, Claire, and Annaliese said...

this was a tear-jerker kind of post. We love you.

Hamblin Family said...

I am so glad that Devree has Shana. Today is the no chemo day so Devree can recover before getting her stem cell transfusion on Tuesday. I called Shana to say hi and see how things are going. Our call was cut short because Devree needed her mother. When Shana called back she said Devree was sick again. Devree told Shana that on days when she spews at both ends, she just feels “ICK!!!”

Shana had told me that they were measuring every fluid that came out of Devree’s body, So I had to ask if that meant the hind end too. Shana said, “Yep! Kind’a gross insn’t it?” But when we talked Shana was happy. She said that Devree thanks her every morning for helping her and having a good attitude about it.

Manny “manalope extreme” left a post months ago that I had to go and look at again.
Manalope Extrem said...
hey Devree,
The news today isn't so hot....radiation is tough stuff!!! My aunt went through it she had cancer on her neck. The radiation made her lose her hair (so wise choice just to chop it off before it happens), and she got really tired and was in a bed almost the entire time she had to go through it, but now almost a year or 2 after she is teaching again at the school she taught at. She does everything that she used to and more. You rock!!! It is like a dance I guess or getting ready for a party. You take forever to get ready, it is tiring and drawn out, but you do it all the same because you know that when all that work is done and over with and you are ready to go and face the lights of the party, you can enjoy yourself and have a good time LIVING LIFE.

Your other brother

January 29, 2009 10:43 PM

This trial will not last forever. When the work is done and over with, Devree will be ready to go and face the light of the party. She can enjoy herself and have a good time LIVING LIFE.

Love you all tons!!!

Jeanette said...

Thanks for sharing with us. We check the blog everyday. It helps to put the worry down.
Devree, I went to the temple Saturday and was able to join in the prayer circle and in my heart I had a special prayer to ask Heavenly Father to help you to cope with all this medical stuff. I felt that our Savior knows your pain and frustration. Take it one day at a time.
Love Aunt Jan

Hamblin Family said...

Aunt Jan,

Thank you for your heart felt prayer for Devree. It really does help that you are all bearing this burden with us.