Friday, May 15, 2009

Yes we will be here till Monday

Well the news was told us yesterday that we are going to be here till they release us on Monday. When the doctors told us, Devree started crying. The doctors don't want to clean out her right ear to see what is going on in there and have given lots of antibiotics and she still complains of it hurting so badly. They don't want to chance scratching her ear to give her a place for more infection. She still has a sore throat too. So they said that they could give her more morphine but she kept crying. The doctor said "Please don't cry because we really do have soft hearts." Later Devree said "You know Mom, I think I started crying because they are giving me hormones." She has been acting differently these last 2 days. They started her on Provera so she won't have menstrual cycles because they don't want her to loose any blood. Her ANC counts are up to 500 from 0. So you get a good idea of what your ANC counts are, normal healthy people are around 2700!

I woke up today feeling a little depressed. Yes I bought me a blow up mattress and it is better than the bed, but I just feel bad that Noble has come at this time. I am really grateful that he is helping us both through this hospital stay, but I wanted to do some fun things with him and Devree when he was here. Our lives are so "funless" right now and I know that we are only at the beginning of this phase. I can't hardly face that fact. And no they didn't give me any Provera! I miss going to church. I am going to take Noble to the Germantown ward on Sunday.

Tomorrow is a new day. Enjoy the weekend! Have a great one! Koe and Summer thanks for keeping me updated on your blogs. We have lots of smiles when we see your darling little kids and all the activities you do.


walkinourshoes said...

Yeah, Devree's count is 500. That is a blessing. We are sad to hear that her ears are hurting so bad. We will pray that her ears will heal. We love you so much.
Love, Koe

PaulaShawn said...

Ewe, bad news! I'm sorry you're so down. What can I say that would help? . . . Nothing, I've got nothing. Sorry! Have you tried the Wii? Maybe boxing would be therapeutic.

Mentioning that we'll get to hear Elder Bednar this weekend won't help either, but we are so excited!!! What a treat.

Well, we sure think of you a lot and think a lot of you. Wish things were so different for you all. Let Noble carry you through the rest of the weekend. He's got big shoulders. Try to have a good one.

soggycheerios said...

Shana, I'm so sorry, I know you wanted to go play this weekend. I wish I was there I'd come and hang out with you this weekend.
Nice on the new camera though, I see a huge improvement! You're husband is very sweet.


Johnson Family said...

I am sorry that things are so stinky right now. I would be worried about you, but you have proven your strength again and again, so I know you will get through this time, but I will pray for the Lord to help carry you as well.

Don't stress yourself about Noble. Sure, it could have been a more fun weekend, but he is such a good young man, I am sure he wants you to relax and just enjoy him being there with you and Devree.

brockhagek said...

Hi Shana,
I am sorry you and Devree have to go through this. Elaine was in the hospital for about a week after each of her B cycles of chemo, and it gets very old. Elaine even had to spend Christmas in the hospital. She was not at Children's, and could not even leave her room most of the time. Has Child Life been helping at all? Try finding silly things to do--blow bubbles, fill a glove with crushed ice, hold it in your sleeve, and see how many people you can get to shake hands with you!

Hugs and prayers,