Monday, May 25, 2009

This is what Devree likes to do when we do our endless waiting. She is very happy when the waiting room has beanbag chairs so she can relax and sometimes take a nap. The staff takes them out and sterilizes them every so often and then she is sad when there are no bean bags.
This is Jackson with his hulk snorkel.

Beautiful Breck and Celest.

This is the cake that Kallie and Jackson wanted to make for Devree. Kallie designed the smiley face and Devree's name. Of course Celest made it delicious with a cream cheese filling. It was pure comfort food, being warm chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and chocolate frosting.

Devree hanging with her cousins finally! This was the first time Devree has left the hospital and Target house for 3 weeks.
Well we must say a big THANK YOU for sweet Summer for changing our music and our background. I know most of you must be getting tired of the same song when you boot up our blog. But Devree and I don't hear the music when we are composing. This song by the Plain White "Ts" is very nostalgic for Devree because last fall Devree went to a free concert in the
Walmart parking lot with Cassie and Chantel. This was before Plain White T's got famous. We hope you like the song. Feel free to change the song on the side to our weird variety. What can we say, Devree likes lots of different types of music.
Yay! Devree went to church yesterday. We spent the afternoon at Breck and Celest's and had a glorious time watching "Hercules" and "Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". Devree didn't even know who Donny Osmond was!
Today we are getting our TPN changed and back to Breck and Celest's for our Memorial Day Weekend BBQ. I am going to bring corn on the cob and watermelon.
I have been enjoying reading the Ensign (LDS Church magazine). I thought it was interesting that the first talk of the conference was by Elder Hale, "Becoming Provident Providers Temporally and Spiritually". So this is my ending thought. Here is a question we can ask ourselves before we make our choices, including buying that extra thing. "Is the benefit temporary, or will it have eternal value and significance?"
Have a great Monday.

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walkinourshoes said...

Hi Aunt Shana and Devree,

It was fun to chat for a few minutes this morning. We love the new music and the new background, on your blog. Just send your address and we will gladly send a package, not express, though. We love you.

Craig, Koe and Kylee