Monday, May 18, 2009

Maybe Monday?

Noble in front of the Target House fountian
Noble wishing WE livrd the glam Memphis life

Noble with St. Jude

Noble, Tayzia, and Talon after Church

Kallie and her guitar

Uncle Breck and Noble

(The nurse that reminds us of Kyle)

Noble taking me for a walk

I really appreciate those wonderful ideas to help me get happy and put some fun back 9into our lives. I appreciate each idea and might try them. Devree and I do try to make things fun and since Noble was here he made things a lot of fun. Devree got her little competition bug in her and she competed with Noble on who could score the highest in the Wii game "Big Brain Academy". That was a perfect game for Devree because she had to be fast and figure out all of these different puzzles and sure enough she was proud because she got more points and a better "Grade" than Noble. There was another one with Sodoku but our screen is little and they had 3 puzzles on at a time and it was too far away for Devree to see.

Kacey met the author of the last book I recommended. "Hard times in Holy Places" or something like that. She is the one that is blind and radiation deterioted in her face so she has a mishapen face and no eyeballs. Kacey was going to get me a signed copy, but I already have the book, so Kacey got a special note written to Devree.

Noble and I did go to the Germantown Ward and I loved being there and listening and feeling the spirit. It was really nice to have so many ask about Devree. She is doing really great. She hasn't had a fever and she is up and reading and said her ear doesn't even bother her.

Yesterday morning I called Shay and Dane and told them how special it was to go and see in person and listen to an apostle. I told them that Dad and I have only seen and heard Elder Oaks when we were in Hawaii before Noble was born. That this is a special occasion and to get there early so they could get a good seat. I wanted them to take notes and write down 3 things that they could share with me after. Well it was about 12:30 their time and Shay called me on the phone. They put me on speaker phone so I could hear all of them at once. Of course they didn't get there early and were way back on the stage. Preston sat by Shay and wanted to play and talk but Todd said he was proud of Shay because Shay told him he had to take notes. Well during the service someone pulled the fire alarm and everyone had to be evacuated during the meeting. Shay pushed through to the front and shook Elder Bednar's hand and Elder Bednar asked him his name and Shay proudly told him and added, "I am going to be a deacon next month". So later as Shay found Todd and Leslie Olson was there with them, Shay said "Dad I did it! I did it!" Leslie quickly asked "Shay did you pull the fire alarm?"

Hopefully today we get the heck out of Dodge or the Hospital. Noble and I did go and see "Angels and Demons". I loved it because it is one of those rare movies that actually followed the book very closely. I can't recommend it because it is very gory but it doesn't have any bad language or sex. I can recommend my latest book. It is another Deseret Book, "When you can't do it alone, Take the Savior's hand" by Brent L. Top. I practically cried through the whole book because it is so good.

Have a great Monday and the rest of the week.


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,
So, does Noble go home, today? It looks like you all had fun. We hope you get out of the hospital, too. We are very glad that Dev's is feeling better and that her ear is not hurting. We love you.
Love, Koe

PaulaShawn said...

Good to see smiles and hear that everyone is having a better time, even fun times.

We are flying high after the incredible weekend with apostles and 70s. But very neat how Eld. Bednar referred us repeatedly to the teaching of our stake president on doing the small and simple things consistently. What a weekend.

We're off to Yosemite to celebrate our anniversary! Half Dome has been dwarfed by the spiritual mountain we've been on, but we'll still give it a try. Have a good week!

The Neumeisters said...

Shana & Devree,
It is sooooooo.. good to "hear" the change in your blog voices! I could feel the smiles in these latest two entries from both the Memphis and Dayton ends of the earth! I know this journey has been difficult and its hard to stand by and not be able to help you. Please know that we love you guys and can't wait to see you again. Only three more "go-arounds" and you'll be coming home.
Love, Pam and Gary

Darcy said...

Stake conference was amazing! Elder Bednar is awesome, very down to earth and pretty strait forward. My kind of guy. I hope you got a lot of notes from Todd. Sounds like you were able to have some fun times with Noble. I am going to see Angles and Deamons... DON'T see "Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past" just in case you were wanting to.

Jeanette said...

Being 1/2 done sounds great to me!!
Devree, doctors don't "lie". They just "change their minds a lot!" I guess we are still glad we have them even if they frustrate the heck out of us!
Shana, I was wondering if you would like to take on a challenge and read the Book of Mormon with me in a month or so. It would be fun to have a reading partner. I know that it gave me some comfort with all of Cindy's arthritis multiple crisis'. As I read I could feel a little bit of peace. And it also helped me when we were on our mission and we hit an all time low with one of our kids at home. See Mosiah 24:15-16.
What do you think?
We send lots of love,
Aunt Jan

Barbie Matsko said...

looks like my other child (Noble) had a good time during his visit. The nurse you think looks like Kyle is so cute [img][/img]