Friday, May 29, 2009

2nd countdown begins.

ATTENTION EVERYONE! Does anyone know of anybody who is going to Utah from Nevada in the next little while? We are trying to get Dane and Shay to a cancer sibling camp in SLC that starts on June 8th and ends on June 13th. We have looked at airfare and it is too expensive. Todd is trying to drive them both ways, but if anyone would like to take 2 darling boys that are great travelers and would help entertain younger kids, then give Todd a call at (775) 220-1422. We would help with gas money too. My neice, Koe will help with getting the boys to the actual camp once the boys are delivered in the SLC area. You can email me too.

Here we are at -4 Day back in our old room #2, the purple room. Devree has put up her Jonas Brothers poster that was laminated for free at Kinko's because she is a patient at St. Judes. We have a picture from Cyndi Cordell of Silver City and one of her waterfalls, but we choose to say that the waterfall is the one right on "C" hill that we have been to. This is a great way to let people see our mountains and what it looks like where we come from.

All of the other pictures that Cyndi gave us I put up in the parents room and they have already given me peace. I love the pictures of the temples and the peaceful scenery and it hasn't been quite so claustrophobic. This is the noisy room and they only have the skinny couches to sleep on. I tried to sleep on my blow up mattress on the floor but was just too cold. I finally ended up on the couch. No matter how warm I turn up the heat, it still blows cold air on me. I try to put my head under the covers, but I get claustrophobic. Then I try to put out of the covers just my mouth and nose and then I can fall back to sleep.

Say an extra prayer for Devree that this first day will not be as bad as last time with the violent vomitting. We are trying a hopefully "magical mix" of anti-nausea drugs that will hopefully put her to sleep instead of vomitting. She is getting them right now and then come the cisplatin, amofostine and vincristine.

Devree has lost most of her eyebrows now. She still has arm hair and leg hair but her pits are pretty bald. We try to draw on eyebrows but not just a line. We try to make it look natural, but then she keeps her hat down low over her head, and then there goes half the eyebrows. Devree was a little sad to come back in the hospital because she was really starting to feel good. She did talk animatedly with the nurses last night and kept them laughing. I was happy that she snapped out of her sadness.

Here is my quote for the day. Elder Ballard said "The voice of the Lord is clear and unmistakable. He knows you. He loves you. He wants you to be eternally happy. But according to your God-given agency, the choice is yours. Each one of you has to decide for yourself if you are going to ignore the past and suffer the painful mistakes and tragic pitfalls that have befallen previous generations, experiencing for yourself the devastating consequences of bad choices."

Sorry that one is kind of long but really great! Have a Fun-filled FRIDAY! Just like Devree and I are having CHEMO FUN today!


PaulaShawn said...

How we are thinking about you and praying for you (as always). Power to you to keep going to your happy spot regardless of what is going on right there with you. You can do it!

walkinourshoes said...

We wish you the best in your second round of chemo. We are always praying for you and we love you, tons.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

angelicindy said...

When I get cold at night I sleep in a little skull cap (I think my Canadian brother-in-law calls it a tuke... toke...). Anyway, it helps keep the heat in although I still get a cold nose. On the bright side, I have REALLY flat hair in the morning and that's not usually the case :).

Good luck to Devree and we'll keep her in our prayers!