Thursday, May 21, 2009

We are out for 1 week

At about 4pm we finally got back to the Target House. YEA! It is the second day in a row of bright beautiful sunshine without a cloud in the sky. It isn't even muggy! Everybody is telling me how bad the summers are but I am not concerned because being in the Target House and the hospital is all air conditioned. We won't be going outside very much.

So last night Devree was ready to go bed about 8:30. I made a deal with Devree that she needs to have at least 1 serving of something liquid and 1 serving of food everyday to exercise her GI tract and so her digestive system doesn't forget how to work. Well she had her cup of apple juice and she ate 3 bites of corn on the cob. She was pretty nauceous but it didn't come back up. YEA! She still had to have evey anti-nauceous drug that we have, and she wanted some morphine but she went to sleep and I went to bed about 10pm and was really sleeping soundly when someone was banging on our door. It scared and woke us both up because the pounding was REALLY LOUD! I thought "Oh NO! The building must be on fire!" I go to the door and it is 11:15PM. It was the security guard from downstairs and had an express package for us. I thanked him and I saw that it was from Todd. I opened the package because we were both awake anyway now. Todd had sent us an "Oriental Trading Company", the "Ensign", "New Era" and a "Jonas Brothers" magazine. I told Devree that next time Dad better just send us those magazines in the regular mail. Although it was an important package, it didn't need us to be scared awake to get it. So Todd to answer your question we got your regular mailed packet and your express package on the same day, but PLEASEEEE don't send us another express packet. Okeydokey?

So what else have Devree and I been doing to entertain ourselves? We went to the gift shop and we bought "glow in the dark" nail polish. We were sitting in the lobby waiting for the shuttle. I was painting Devree's nails and there was this cutest little boy coloring. He had a spiderman shirt on and we started asking him how old he was (5) and what his name was. He even spelled his name. We asked him if he would like some glow in the dark nail polish. He continued to tell us that "Boys don't paint their nails." We told him that this was special and wouldn't he like to see his nails glow in the dark? Well after asking his Mom who told him to only paint one nail, we painted his thumb. He blew on it and hurried over to where the couch cushions were making a dark corner. He looked at it and said "It did!" And then he wanted to paint all of his nails but his Mom wouldn't let him. We continued to talk and laugh with him and when it was time for us to go. He didn't want us to go. He blocked our path and asked when he could see us again. He is the cousin of a little girl that lives in Target House that is about 11 and she has lost one arm to cancer. We see her quite often but have never seen Jamal again. Maybe we will see him at a dinner or something.

Today Devree only has physical therapy and then she goes to the medicine room to get an anti-biotic in her lines and they will change the TPN from now on. With this schedule we may get to go to church on Sunday.

Well I am ready to read my important magazines sent to me. I want to read all of the conference talks. I loved hearing from Shay what he learned from Elder Bednar's talk. Todd told me some interesting things too and said he was quite funny.

Thursday is almost Friday and this is a long weekend for most of you. Eat all of the watermelon your stomach can hold. It doesn't have calories!


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

We are so glad that you are out of the hospital. Kylee would love your glow in the dark, nail polish, cool! We are sorry that you got scared, by your express package. It sounds like life is still fun and eventful, considering the circumstances. We love you, tons.

Craig, Koe and Kylee

PaulaShawn said...

You're out! May this be the longest lasting week you've had in a long time.

Shawn and I had a great anniversary trip to gorgeous Yosemite. We wore our Team Devree shirts to Half Dome - Devree is with us wherever we go, whatever we do. I don't know how your boy made it up there before sunrise. SCARY!!! Actually, that's probably how - he couldn't see what he was going up. I got to the last 400 ft. before the top and freaked out. Even with cables to hold on to, I couldn't do it. I'm totally fine with being on the saddle just below the very top. That was close enough for me. Even just looking at our pictures gives me the willies. I'll email you some.

Go for it - you can eat a whole watermelon. Like you said, it doesn't have any calories. Talk to you soon.

lusum54 said...

Happy Day. I am sooooo gratful that you were able to go to Target house. Your new idea of "kindness' is a good one.
Love ya Summer

Val, Jed, Claire, and Annaliese said...

So Glad Deveree is out!! We are hoping to make a visit to you soon!