Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Brithday Teara!

Well we would call you right now but it is 5:30 am your time and we know you might be going to seminary but then again what if seminary is cancelled? We will call you later. Devree is excited to talk to you and hopes that sometime you and Megan would write her a letter. I know it isn't texting but getting mail really brightens her day.

Devree had one glass of milk and one oreo yesterday and kept it down. But this morning she lost her cookies literally. She had her ativan the first thing when she wakes up to try to ease the nausea but was still feeling yuck so I tried to give her a big gun like Kytril in pill form but about 30 mins. later up it comes. Today Devree has lab work done and we talk to B clinic again about her toes hurting. She says it feels like she has been walking on tippty-toes for weeks. This is a side effect of vincristine but it is not supposed to kick in till round 2 or 3. The nursing staff might have to cut back on vincristine. She is hurting this morning too.

Today we have a visit with the nutritionist. We are supposed to bring her diary of food. I think I can remember everything Devree has eaten in the last 2 weeks. It is pretty easy. Just yesterday and the day before. The rest of the time has been TPN.

We loved the letters from the Sunday School class. I am so happy that Dayton ward is getting more youth. We can't wait to meet the new young man who is quite the artist. The seminary card was also great. We got that the day before. It really brightens her day to read all of the things from the seminary students. Of course Grandma Rice sends a card every week and Debbie Fauvell has some goody for us every week. Thank you for all of the mail! We live for mail, email and snail mail.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! Remember this is to remember those that have died and to celebrate SUMMER! I love summer! No more school and lots of fun stuff to do. I hope that we can have a BBQ for Memorial Day. The kids here only have 2 more days of school. That would be great except all of you in Nevada they start school waaaaaaay early!


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

We are sad that Devree is "V", all the time. Not a fun thing to do ever. We hope that you can have a BBQ and fun, for Memorial Day, too. We love you.

Craig, Koe, and Kylee

PaulaShawn said...

Enough Devree! You've got to keep that stuff on the inside. This is horrible! Adding ginger to your foods can help ease nausea. Give it a try, it couldn't make things any worse. Try it in some chicken noodle soup and see what happens. Not as exciting as Oreos I know, but it may stay down.

We're having our 2nd Annual Memorial Day Staycation and camping in the backyard tonight (last year it rained so we had to camp out on the living room floor), doing hot dogs and smores. All the fun, none of the packing!

Hope you have a nice weekend. It is so great to greet summer, isn't it?!

Hamblin Family said...

I sure appreciate all of you that drop a line to cheer on Devree and Shana.

Noble is celebrating a staycation in our backyard with Manny and Kyle.

Shay has thought up a new game called Human's versus Vampires. He got a vampire cape and two hats down from our Halloween costumes.

These hats are hillarious. Noble, Manny, and Kyle are always patient with the younger boys. It made me smile to watch Shay and Dane hunt Noble & Manny while wearing the ridiculous VanHelsing hats.

They would both close in on the older vampire boys, then they lost there nerve and ran screaming. All they had to do was touch the vampires on the chest with their capped markers. But for some reason they would turn and run like crazy.

Noble says, it is because they would hide in a dark place and sneak up and scare them when they got close.

I keep getting smiles as I think of Shay and Dane laughing and squeeling with delight.


Allanah is Awesome said...

Hey Devree, Love ya like a sister and I miss you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, what if one of your friends came down to see you. I can't though, I have to camp all summer.....