Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Noble Surprise!

This is me looking surprised
Me looking surprised from further away


Mom & Noble inside a Chile

So....Guess what my surprise was. If you didn't guess by the title, it was my big brother! I didn't think he would come because Noble's so darn busy being involved in all the things he likes to do. When my mommy told me my surprize WASN'T coming in the mail I kind of figured s0meone was coming to see me. But I thought it was Dad. I thought he was fibbing about not being able to take time off. But I was really surprissed.
Love, Devree
It is so good having Noble here with us. His attitude is such a lift when I was feeling so discouraged about Devree's high fevers again yesterday. She didn't have a fever all night and has definitely perked up since Noble is here. She even stayed up to play the Wii with Noble. Noble told us "This is like a fancy Hotel with the two bathrooms, 3 beds, 2 TV's and even delivering the Wii games to your room!" So I tried to get Devree to play the Wii before but now that Noble is here, he got her to play.
This morning when Noble and I went down to breakfast he made me laugh so hard at his impression of Kyle and what Manny and Kyle have been schooling Noble about girls. I had tears. I told Noble that he had to show Devree the Kyle impressions and she laughed too. I love to hear about these teenage boys adventures. Those 3 boys are hilarious and the dating adventures they are going on now are pretty funny too! For example, they did a picnic this last Saturday and Noble ran out of propane and only could make 2 hamburgers for the group of 6 people. So Manny had the 2 hamburgers and I asked what did the rest of you eat? Noble said "I had 'dorito burgers'". That means they just had chips etc. Then before the formal dance that evening after everyone got all dressed up, the boys took their dates to Olive Garden, Noble said he spilled red meat sauce on his white shirt. He had his picture taken with it and everything. But Noble doesn't let little things like that bother him and he still had lots of fun.
What a bright ray of sunshine to have Noble here even if it is overcast outside. I hope you can find the ray of sunshine in your life today.


walkinourshoes said...

What a wonderful surprise. You both look so happy about the surprise. Have fun with Noble. We love you.

Powla said...

Locey and Skyla and I read the post this morning and we are so happy that "Snowbell" is there with you guys! What a wonderful surprise!!! Love you and think about you every day and celebrate the good new with cheers (inside our spirits) and the not so good with a little dark rain cloud (like in Winnie the Pooh). We will have sunshine in our lives all day today though!

angelicindy said...

hooray! family is the best!

Darcy said...

YAY! What a fun surprise. Sounds like he's needed in Memphis this summer....

PaulaShawn said...

Your spirits lifted me off my seat! Pictures are definitely worth thousands of words. We're so happy you have such happiness right now. Have the best of times together!

Manalope Extrem said...

Thought I would check in and SURPRISE! lol Glad that you liked your surprise Devree. I miss yall, and I'm sure that Noble has (probably not but wishful thinking) told you what has been going on. I miss you and the rest of the Hamblin gang,
Love you all! and glad everyone got there safe and you are doing well with everything. Can't wait to see you when you come home

Manny B.

Catherine said...

Hugs Devree & Shana!
How wonderful to hear about the MRI and spinal tap! And wow! What a wonderful surprise to have brother come visit! Fevers don't sound good but your definitely in the right place if there's trouble.
Emma's had trouble with a 2 month long ingrown toenail. Part of the chemo side effects. And will have to have surgery. But this is minor! She loves her bald head and very grudgingly wears a hat in the sun! Her dad will be taking her to her MRI visit in June so you will get to see them!
Shana I'd love to sit and chat with you these days. It's been quite a transition coming home. Harder than I thought. I know you'd have the right words to say! And Devree, I finally watched Twilight. Yes I get it now! hehe Love ya'll so much! Take care!
Catherine and Emma