Friday, May 1, 2009

Minus 4 and counting

This is how they count the days in the hospital. I feel we might be a rocket ship ready to take off!!!! Today is -4 day and on this day after we got Devree into her hospital bed after 9 pm last night, the 2 cute little nurses that don't even look old enough to be nurses gave us all of the run down again. That is one thing about St. Jude's they definitely go over the protocol about 3 times plus give you handouts 3 times. Today Devree gets Vincristine, an anti-cancer drug that has side effects usually more than a day after treatment. The other drug will be Amifostine to help with the side effects of chemo and radiation.

We get to measure everything that goes in and comes out of Devree. She has resigned to the fact that urine and EVERYTHING else is no longer "personal" as she says. Even her vomit will be measured. Oh Yipee Me! Even the nurses said "Some parents cannot do the measuring of the vomit so you can call us in. But I tell myself, "Hey if I haven't handled it enough already and I AM THE MOM/NURSE!"

Last night went fairly well. Having a room next door, not having to share a room with any one else, like last time we were in Lucille Packard is quite nice. My room is only about 8 feet wide and really long. I do have 8 ft tall windows, a computer desk, my own flat screen TV, my own bathroom, a recliner and a weird couch bed that just gets longer because you pull the arm rest away and put two cushions in the seating area.

Devree's room is about twice as big with her own TV and she can play WII on it and she has her own bathroom that no one else is allowed to use, for germ purposes. I wash my hands when I leave the room and when I come back and all visitors have to do the same. About visitors, we can have others visit besides family, ages 7 and up and only 2 visitors at a time in Devree's room but I could put overflow in my room.

When Devree feels up to it, I will put the pictures on of our hospital rooms.

Thanks for all of your prayers and your support. Have a GREAT WEEKEND!


walkinourshoes said...

Wow, weighing the vomit is a bite much. Poor thing. Like I said before, Devree is having to grow up way to fast. No personal space at all. We love you and love the blog updates. You gals have a great weekend, too.
Love, The Jensen's

lusum54 said...

Thanks again for keeping us all updated. We all check the blog religeously to see how you two are doing. We love you and hope you have a good weekend. Glad to see that you can have visitors. Love ya, Summer